Wind Chimes for Good Feng Shui

Wind chimes can be used for good feng shui in many different ways. They are very common feng shui cures, traditionally used to cure negative energies. Since they are connected to the wind, the best position for them would be outside the house, but they also can be used inside.

There are three important rules you need to follow when you are considering the best position for the wind chimes to create good feng shui.

1. The material from which the wind chimes are made.

It is very important not to damage or weaken the main element of a specific bagua area by placing in it a wind chime made of an inadequate material. The material of the wind chime should match that element of the area where it is positioned. So, if you have a metal wind chime you can place it in the West, Northwest or the North bagua area, but if your wind chime is wooden or from bamboo, you can place it in the East, Southeast, or the South bagua areas.

2. The symbol that is present in their design.

There are some wind chimes that have engraved traditional symbols representing protection from different negative energies and forces. This symbol should be taken into consideration when selecting the position of the wind chime. For example, a wind chime that has two hearts on it is best positioned in the Southwest area of the house or garden, which is the area of love and marriage.

3. The number of rods and bells they have.

Most of the popular wind chimes have six or eight bells. These numbers are good for increasing the beneficial energies, while the number five is good for suppressing the bad ones. This should also be considered when deciding the position of the wind chimes.

Follow these guidelines and you'll be on your way to enjoying the good feng shui inside your home or outside in your garden.