When to Redesign Your Patio

Need to give your patio a facelift? Adding some great new features or updating your outdoor decor can be quite exciting. However, timing your patio remodel correctly can make a big difference in how much enjoyment you get out of it in the years to follow. Use this guide to help determine the best time to redesign your patio.

When You've lived in Your Home for at Least a Year

Did you just move into your home? You might be itching to redesign the patio area to suit your style right away. However, it's actually best to wait for a year to make sure the changes you make will be the best for your needs while also addressing any potential problems that could crop up in the future.

As you allow the seasons to pass, pay attention to various issues that could potentially affect your patio design choices. For example, which areas of your outdoor space are too sunny and in need of a Serenity Health & Home Décor patio umbrella? Are there any places that need better drainage when there is a heavy rain? Do you have problems with bugs that would make a screened-in porch or gazebo preferable?

When It's Not Working for You Anymore

Patio Set

If you've lived in your home for several years or more, you’ve had plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor area. While there may be some things about it that you love, there could also be some design features that you find particularly inconvenient, annoying or lacking in style.

What are the issues that bug you when you're trying to entertain outdoors or relax on the patio after a long day? Do you wish your patio had a different layout or more comfortable seating options? Are you tired of dealing with a poorly lit outdoor space at night or experience excess heat from sun exposure during the day? Do you want to update the style of your patio with new outdoor furniture, accessories and decor?

Now is the time to address these issues and finally create the patio of your dreams. Address the patio problems that have been plaguing you so you can enjoy your home’s outdoor area to the fullest.

When It's the Right Time of Year


You may want to redesign your patio at a particular time of the year based on the climate where you live. For example, if you want to break up and remove the existing patio cement and put in stylish brick pavers instead, you'll want to avoid particularly rainy or cold months of the year for your redesign. Ideally, you'll be able to make these changes during a relatively warm and dry season to get the best results and experience fewer obstacles along the way.

If you're planning to host a big backyard party in the near future, you may want to put a rush on your plans to update the styling or layout of your patio. This will ensure that your party goes as smoothly as possible by providing a more inviting, comfortable and convenient space for your guests to enjoy.

Use these tips for planning your outdoor space redesign to take your patio style to the next level.