When Is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

With the fall season creeping up on us quickly, you might be wondering: when the best time is to purchase patio furniture? You don’t want to buy your patio furniture when everyone else is and risk missing out on the pieces you want or getting placed on a waitlist that lasts until summer is over! You also don’t want to pay top dollar and miss out on all of the great deals that are available during the off season. Now's your chance to find out when the best time of year to buy outdoor furniture is thanks to this this handy guide!

Spring or Fall Is the Time to Shop

When it comes to getting great deals on new deck furniture, the best time to buy is during the spring or fall seasons. During the spring, many promotional discounts are typically offered to kick off the warmer spring and summer seasons. Another great reason to purchase your furniture during the early spring is that you’ll be able to enjoy your new pieces by summertime! Fall is another great garden furniture shopping month because it is recognized as a time to stock up on outdoor items in preparation for winter. It's another popular time for furniture discounts; do we smell a sale in the near future?

Best Months in Spring – May or Earlier

If you’ve decided to purchase your outdoor furniture during the spring, you should aim to place your order during May or even earlier to avoid peak season pricing. Another obstacle to consider is that you probably won’t be the only person who has had the idea to beat the crowds by placing their order early. If you wait too long, you may have to wait quite a while before your new furniture is back in stock and can be shipped to you. Try placing your order by February or March to avoid shipping delays.

Best Months in Fall – August through September

Around August or September many furniture retailers begin marking their products down in an effort to offload this year’s stock in preparation for the next year. (Looks like we're currently in one of the best months to buy patio furniture right now!) If you’re patient and don’t mind waiting several months to give your new garden furniture a whirl, you’ll find the best deals during this time. Sometimes, you can even wait as late as October to find the best deals.

Summer - Not the Ideal Time

Summer is not always the best time to order patio furniture. There are typically fewer sales on patio furniture going on during summer months. The upside of buying during the summer is that you’ll be able to buy and enjoy your new outdoor furniture without having to wait for the seasons to change. This is especially important if your focus is on the latest trends and you want to have brand new decor in your home!

Winter - Smaller Selections Available 

If you choose to shop for patio furniture in winter, you could certainly get lucky and find a good deal. However, the selection from which to choose might be a little smaller than it is during the popular buying seasons.

No matter what the season, we invite you to check out our vast selection of  Sunnydaze outdoor furniture, outdoor and indoor fountains, and garden decor. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a great patio furniture deal and other discounts on our sale page!