What to Consider when Choosing a Bird Bath?

If you ask me, a garden is not complete without a bird bath. These beautiful water features are the reason we can enjoy the relaxing sounds the birds can make without leaving the comfort of our own home. They bring the nature in our yards. When choosing a bird bath it is important to consider these elements:

The Birdbath Size and Design

There are different types of these water features, each with their own design style and size. The bigger the bird bath, the more birds can use it without causing territorial conflicts. But a simpler one may better suit a smaller garden, where a large, ornate fountain birdbath can seem pretentious.

Its height, on the other side, determines the type of the birds that'll use it. While smaller birds prefer taller or tiered models, because of the better field of view, the larger birds can drink even from ground level basins.

The appearance of the fountain birdbath is also important. You should choose a design that best fits your garden decor, no matter if it is a hanging birdbath, pedestal or some other model.

Cleanliness and Water Movement

The accessibility for cleaning the bird bath is also very important when making a decision what model to purchase. The simpler the model, the easier it is to keep it clean and well maintained. The elaborate designs with detailed sculptures or complicated mosaics are much more challenging.

If the water in the bird bath is moving it will attract more birds than if it is stagnant in a simple basin. Those fountain bird baths that contain a dripper, water spray or bubbler are much more attractive for the birds, and plus, the more the water is moving, the less insects and algae there will be.

Climate and Bird Comfort

The choice of the bird bath type also depends on the region where you live. If it is colder in your area a sturdy heated birdbath is better option, but if you live in warmer parts you should look for a larger capacity birdbath that won't evaporate on a daily basis.

The birds should be comfortable while standing on the bird bath, thus an ideal model will be 1-2 inches deep, with both shallow and deep basin areas, a narrow lip as a perch for the smaller birds, and made of material with some texture so that the birds can better grip it with their talons.