Wedding Decor: How to Add Water Fountains to the Celebration

The peaceful elements of a wedding include anything from white doves to water fountains and many things in between. Every bride has her own sense of style and perception of relaxation, but water is often a key element in this decision. Water fountains can be added to an area to instill elegance, playfulness, intrigue and class depending on how they are used.

big wedding fountainFirst off, pictures are one of the most important components to a wedding. It’s one of the rare events when even crazy cousin Ricky takes a shower and dresses nicely so to remember the day in all its glory. Large water features work great as a back drop to a family photo and it will provide a nice scene for some couple shots too.  Your photographer will love to incorporate the water feature into the shots and you will end up with some unique pictures to remember your special day.


If your venue doesn'’t have any water features on the premises, you can choose to purchase your own just for the event. Not only will it look great in pictures, but it will also provide a subtle background noise that will surely relax you and your guests. Tiered fountains work great for this and are relatively easy to set up. You can choose between a plethora of styles right here on Serenity Health & Home Decor!

wedding fountain cake

Everyone knows that weddings are all about family/friends, free food/drinks, and the decorations. The bride and groom are an afterthought, the family is uncontrollable, the food and drink is already done by the caterer, therefore the decor better be good! Depending on colors, style and venue, small tabletop water fountains may be just that added touch you'’ve been looking for. Many incorporate candles or gentle lights that add a romantic ambiance to the table. As a centerpiece, table fountains could be one of the highlights of the evening for your guests (second only to seeing the bride of course). Grandparents can sit and enjoy the water sounds while watching the family celebrate the occasion.

Whichever way you choose to incorporate water into your special day, make sure it is just the way you want it.You get to be extra picky and you should take advantage of that!