Ways to Attract Birds with Water

We all enjoy the sounds of the birds relaxing us while we rest in our garden. One of the easiest ways to attract these feathered friends into our yard is by providing water, since all bird species need water. Some of the most popular ways to offer the birds water in our garden include:


There are three basic designs of bird baths: pedestal which stands 2 to 3 feet above the ground and includes a post-style base on an elevated dish; dish birdbaths that can be hung or placed on the ground, a fence, patio table, stump or steps; and heated models that melt the snow into drinking water, which are essential for the winter.


The misters are best for attracting hummingbirds. They can be attached to a garden fountain or to an existing birdbath, or they can come as a separate water feature. The misters provide water movement which birds always find attractive.


The ponds mostly attract songbirds and waterfowls. It is best for the pond to have some more shallow areas where the birds can bath or drink water, and if we combine it with waterfalls or streams, and add lilies, fish and other natural elements, we'll surely attract even more of these feathered creatures.


The waterfalls can cascade into a pond or serve as individual water features. For the birds it would be best if they include shallow basins that collect water, and if they are made out of natural materials, such as slate and native rock.


An artificial or a natural stream is always great addition to a garden area, especially if it is a larger one. They add flowing water that's particularly attractive to birds. Adding rocks will create perches and keep the water depth suitable for the birds to drink and bathe in it.

As you can see, the traditional bird bath is the easiest. You can now find many fountain birdbaths so you can have moving water and a birdbath all in one. Most are solar as well so they don’t need electrical cords. Another great product for bird lovers is the Bird Bath Cleanser, it will keep your bird bath water fresher longer and prolong the need to clean as often and keep the edges free of hard water stains.