Wall Fountains as Mounted or Free Standing

Outdoor Classics Seaside Outdoor Wall Fountain

Your first instinct with a wall fountain is to put in on the wall, right? But, many can be used as floor fountains resting against the wall. It all depends on how much space you have and what you want to do with your outdoor area. If your space is limited, a wall-mounted fountain is the best way to enjoy the fountain without it getting in the way. Essentially a kinetic picture, installing this fountain will add wall decor, fill up empty space, yet give you more floor space. The one downside with this, especially if it’s an electric fountain, is that you’ll need to hang the fountain close to an outlet, and then you will also have a black cord hanging down your wall. This doesn'’t bother me, but it may drive some people crazy.

Classic Shell Outdoor Wall Fountain

So, the other option is to use it as a floor fountain. This gives you more freedom with placement, as you can run the cord/extension cord behind furniture or planters and disguise the cord. It also works well as a corner accent, or fills your patio space if it feels empty. Another benefit is that it functions like a bird bath. Placing this fountain on the ground against the wall of your garden, the wide basin of the wall fountain will attract wildlife and function as an easily accessible water source for drinking/bathing (for the wildlife, not you).

Depending on your needs, you can choose whether or not you want to mount your wall fountain or use it as a freestanding floor fountain. Either way, it’ll look great in your home.