Using Custom Water Fountains to Advertise Your Business

When most people think of custom water fountains and waterfalls they think of soothing water sounds, relaxing under a wall fountain, or enjoying the flowing water sounds of a fountain in your home. Although all of these things are true and enjoyed by many, there are many other uses and purposes of installing a custom fountain in your place of business.

First of all, if people enjoy wall fountains and other types of water features in their homes and gardens, why wouldn't your clients, customers, employees and peers enjoy one in the office or lobby? Wouldn't it produce a similar effect on everyone? A more calming atmosphere, more relaxed employees and clients, enjoyment while they wait in a lobby and giving customers yet another reason to come back to you?

Secondly, waterfalls have been known to draw people in and act as a meeting or congregating place, again, creating a feeling of comfort for everyone around. They can even ease tension of meeting someone for the first time if you have a fountain to talk about and break the ice.

Thirdly, custom water fountains can act as a marketing piece for your business. Imagine a large custom fountain hanging on a wall as people walk into your place of business! The face of the waterfall has your company logo or mission statement on it and the water flows beautifully down the face creating soothing water sounds. What a statement this would make and probably, well worth the investment. A lot of businesses have also used a custom wall fountain inside the door of their business or in a conference room, lobby or behind reception desks to act as their signage for the company. There are endless opportunities and the sky is the limit when it comes to custom fountains and the materials they are made of or the logo's that have been done.

Many architects use custom waterfalls as dividing walls within a business and many interior designers use wall fountains as an accent piece to the general decor of the office. Custom water fountains have also become increasingly popular with doctor's and dentist offices, medical spas, massage therapists and in hospitals. Better yet, you are investing in something for your business that will last years to come and make a lasting impression for a very long time!