Top 5 Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Today is Memorial Day, a special holiday where we remember and appreciate those who have served and are presently serving our country. I don't know about you, but this day also serves as a reminder to hold our family and friends close and appreciate every second we have with those we love. Precious time spent with loved ones is to be cherished and never taken for granted. Quality time spent with these special people is very important, and I'm aware that Memorial Day is also widely known as a weekend spent with loved ones enjoying the outdoors, the new summer weather, and each other. 

In light of this, I wanted to share this list of the top five summer activities that all take place in the great outdoors. These fun filled summer ideas are perfect for a large group of people who can enjoy these activities together not just on Memorial Day, but any other day this summer as well. Pick a couple of your favorites and get out there to enjoy an activity with those you love! 

1. A Nature Hike

Hiking is an excellent way to relieve stress, breathe in some fresh air, and immerse yourself in nature. Some like to hike alone, but hiking can also be fun with loved ones when you'd like a little company on your excursion. Take pictures of blooming flowers, explore hidden trails, or simply enjoy one another's company.

What you'll need: a pack filled with snacks and water and a camping hammock or two for when you and your companions need a rest. For additional suggestions of what to bring, refer to this list of items you didn't know you wanted for hiking. 

2. A Weekend in the Woods

Camping is of course a popular summer activity that can be enjoyed by all. Whether you choose to pitch a tent in the middle of the deep, dense woods or simply in between the trees of your backyard, the time spent outdoors is all about the people you're with and the time you spend together. So settle in, prepare a meal over the campfire, and take a mental relaxation break from the chaotic world we live in with those you love. 

What you'll need:wood-burning fire pitportable fire pit with a carrying case, or simply a fire pit grate, an outdoor hammock, cast iron cookware for making small meals over the fire, and this delicious list of 10 recipes to make over a campfire. 

3. A Trip to the Beach or Local Lake

Who doesn't love a relaxing visit to the beach, or simply a day spent by the shore of a lake near you? Sandy beaches have the power to melt away stress, even if it's just for a few hours. Plus, it's a simple activity everyone can enjoy; some family members might be content laying on the shore soaking up some sun and others in your party might want to crack open a cold one and play a little frisbee. Either way, it's a win for everyone. 

What you'll need: a beach umbrella for seeking occasional shade, a lightweight and portable blanket designed for the outdoors, and these other beach bag essentials listed here.

4. Attend an Outdoor Concert or Music Festival

Concerts are so much better outdoors if you ask me. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all the outdoor concerts and music festivals, and chances are there is one near you so you and your loved ones won't have to travel far! The only difficult part is agreeing on the music genre and artist! 

What you'll need: lounge chairs for when your feet are tired of standing like these zero gravity reclining lounge chairs.

5. An Outdoor Pool Party

The pool is a popular retreat during the summer, and a pool party is the best way to get the whole family together for hours of outdoor fun. To prepare, make sure you have some great music to play, lots of pool noodles and floating rafts, and plenty of food for everyone.

What you'll need: an outdoor yard canopy for those who want to relax on land, patio umbrellas to shade those sitting at the table watching their little ones, and these floating pool lights! With these items, your pool party is sure to make a splash!

With these ideas under your belt, now it's time to start planning your next big adventure with your family and friends!