Top 10 Items to Help You Achieve Your 2018 New Year Goals

New Year resolutions: we all have them. But sometimes it can be tricky to stick with them and stay inspired as the year goes on. Here at Serenity Health, we believe in each and every one of you achieving all your goals in 2018 whether they be health related or otherwise. We want you to cross that finish line and complete every resolution on your list to help make your life and the lives of those around you healthier and happier. These 10 items are here to help - from gym equipment to kitchen scales to cast iron cookware, they're ready to assist you in some of the most popular health related New Year resolutions out there!

Fitness Equipment - To Improve Your Physical Health


Yoga Ball Balance Chair - Change the way you sit at work or home while also building a healthier core, aligning the spine, relieving back pain and stiffness, boosting energy levels and increasing productivity. 


High Density Yoga Mat - To increase your mental AND physical health, yoga is the way to go! The high-density PVC foam construction in this mat makes for comfortable workouts and relaxing yoga sessions. 


Blue Camo 13-Inch Foam Roller - Release muscle tension and increase flexibility with this roller made from EVA high-density foam construction that doesn’t lose shape! Use this comfortable roller for warming up or cooling down after workouts, or just for relaxing tense muscles or aches and pains.

Food Scales - To Help You Measure Healthy Portions


Round Digital Food Kitchen Scale - This stainless steel scale will make baking and cooking measurements easy. It's an excellent tool for precisely measuring weights of meats, nuts, veggies, fruits, snacks and much more!


Space-Saving Digital Food Scale - This lightweight scale features a stainless steel top, easy-to-clean surface and LCD screen that makes the scale easy to use and read in all lighting conditions.


Large Kitchen Scale with Tempered Glass Top - Another stylish food scale perfect for any kitchen! The unit button provides you with multifunctional weighing options: gram, ounce, milliliter, and pound’ ounce (g, oz., ml, lb’oz).

Cast Iron Cookware - To Help You Prepare Healthy Meals


Red Enamel Cast Iron Pot - Cook up some recipe masterpieces like a real chef in the oven or on the stovetop with this sturdy cast iron pot! Its enameled coating creates a beautiful shade of red. This Dutch oven retains heat better than conventional cooking pots, keeping your food fresh and hot!


Cast Iron Reversible Grill- Grill up your favorite healthy sandwich with veggies as the main ingredient! The curved style handles provide safe transportation whether you’re looking to heat up healthy snacks while camping in the woods or are cooking from the comforts of home!


Enameled Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Square Skillet - Sizzle up some flavorful dishes in this square skillet! The ribbed base separates the fat from the food allowing for healthier cooking and more delicious flavor!


Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan - Keep it simple with this durable cast iron fry pan. Perfect for cooking veggies and lean chicken, this pan is made from high-quality pre-seasoned cast iron so you can use it right out of the box! 

Cheers to you and all your New Years resolutions for 2018, and may they all be accomplished and achieved soon with a little help from these items above!