Top 10 Gifts Under $20

Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean we have to give up on our year long budgets and start swiping the credit card everyday at the store to buy the biggest and most expensive gifts! If you'd like to keep well within your spending limit this holiday season, check out this list of our top ten favorite gift ideas. The best part? They're all under $20!


Space-Saving Stainless Steel Digital Food Kitchen Scale - $14.36

This gift is perfect for the cooking and baking fanatic in your group of friends or family! Your loved one will be able to weigh their food with ease with this kitchen scale. Plus, its easy-clean surface and LCD screen makes it easy to use!


High Density Yoga Exercising Mat - $19.95

This one is for your friend who's all about fitness! They can use this mat for several activities such as yoga and Pilates!


Ab Roller Exercise and Fitness Wheel - $19.95

Another one for the fitness fan in the family! Your loved one can use this wheel to tone their abs, shoulders, back, and arms! The handles are easy to grip, and the roller itself is lightweight and easy to carry - so it's perfect for travel.


3D Multi-Color Sun Wind Spinner - $19.95

Wind spinners are a charming gift for any outdoor enthusiast who enjoys a little splash of color and unique style in their yard. A wind spinner adds a sense of uplifting joy and style to any yard or garden!


Reflective 3D Gold Sun Whirligig Wind Spinner - $14.95

This beautiful wind spinner hangs nicely in any porch, patio, yard, or garden space. Your loved one could even hang this spinner from a tree!


Heavy Duty Red, White, and Blue Outdoor Drink Holders - $18.66

These patriotic-themed drink holders will help your loved one keep their drink of choice nearby when enjoying activities outside, dining outdoors or hanging out around the fire pit.


Marshmallow Roasting Skewers - $19.99

These skewers are perfect for those late nights by the fire with family and friends. Your loved ones can roast up as many marshmallows and hot dogs as they like!


Single Shepherd Hooks, Set of 2, 36" - $17.95Set of 2, 48" - $19.95

Help your loved one add elegance and beauty to their patio or garden with this shepherd hook set. They are perfect for hanging birdhouses, bird feeders, wind spinners, wind chimes and more.


Green Wire Wild Bird Feeder 7" - $15.96

This bird feeder features a unique design of an inner plastic tube surrounded by a steel wire cage to give birds several perches from which to dine! The bird watcher in the family will love this!


Electronic Clear Glass Digital Bathroom Scale - $15.96

This bathroom scale includes the features: auto zero, resetting, and auto shut-off settings which helps conserve battery life when the scale is not in use!