Top 10 Gifts for Mom On Mother's Day

Moms are just the best, right? Which means they deserve anything and everything under the sun that fills them with joy and happiness. Let's make it a goal this year to get our mom and/or special lady figure in our life exactly what she wants and needs. If you're in need of some gift inspirations, look no further because we've got the top 10 gifts mom is hoping for this year to help her spruce up her home and outdoor space. 

1. Outdoor water fountains to accent her patio, garden, or backyard.

Stun your mother with a gorgeous outdoor water fountain that is sure to add elegance and style to her backyard or garden. Tiered fountains make for a beautiful focal point in any garden, rock waterfall fountains blend well with a simple, all natural landscape, and solar fountains are incredibly energy efficient as they are powered by pure sunlight. 

2. Hammocks for her well deserved relaxation time.

Seriously, moms work so incredibly hard. I think the task alone of raising us entitles them to a nap in a comfy hammock. We've got every style and color imaginable so that you can find the perfect one for your mother's style. Perhaps she'd prefer a hammock swing or chair so she can read her favorite novels on the porch, or maybe she enjoys the great outdoors and seeks a camping hammock for all her hiking adventures. No matter how she chooses to relax, we've got a hammock for that. 

3. Gnomes and statuaries for her growing garden. 

If your mother loves to decorate her garden and regularly tend to her flowers and plants, she'll surely enjoy some lighthearted gnomes or friendly statues keeping her company! Garden gnomes are a wonderful way to keep Mom smiling while working under the hot sun in her garden. Ruffles the dog and Todd the tortoise are loyal companions whose mission is to protect your mother's garden day and night so she doesn't have to. These adorable animal statues are a few of many charming and welcoming decor to add to her garden. Gnomes like the friendly trio shown above are sure to bring laughter and joy to her outdoor space with their lively expressions and playful demeanor. 

4. Table lamps to light up her indoor or outdoor space. 

Sure, your mom can light up a room all by herself. However, sometimes she needs a little help reading in the dark or playing cards on the patio at night. These indoor/outdoor modern table lamps are weather resistant and ready for use on the bedside table, in the sunroom, or even on the deck. With plenty of styles to choose from, you're sure to find the right one to match your mom's personality. 

5. Bird feeders for her backyard feathered friends.

Is your mom a bird enthusiast? If so, a squirrel proof bird feeder or vibrant hummingbird feeder is the perfect gift. Choose from a large variety of sturdy bird feeders and glimmering hummingbird feeders will reflect, shine, and sparkle light into your outdoor space! This mosaic designed hummingbird feeder shown above is certain to attract many fluttering friends, providing hours of viewing enjoyment.

6. Cast iron cookware for her baking and cooking needs.

My mom LOVES to cook, and if your mother is anything like mine, she'll need only the best tools in the kitchen to ensure her traditional dishes turn out just right. Our cast iron cookware is non-stick, so they're easy to clean and season. Cast iron is built to last for years to come, so your mom can enjoy her pots, pans, or griddles for a long time. To ensure her new cast iron cookware will be long-lasting, learn all about the proper way to season cast iron cookware for best results.

7. Garden carts for when she spends all day planting. 

You love that your mom loves gardening, but you worry about the toll it takes on her back. Make it easier on her with a garden cart where she can sit on a 360 degree swivel seat for comfort while she works! We even have folding utility carts that hold up to 150 pounds so she can easily transport materials. 

8. Tabletop fountains so she can create some peace and tranquility in her home. 

Doesn't mom deserve a little peaceful time to herself? Help her make her home a personal sanctuary with a beautiful tabletop fountain. Choose from copper, ceramic, cast stone, slate, or resin tabletops. The indoor woodland tree trunk waterfall tabletop fountain featured above is a wonderful way for Mom to mentally escape to the outdoors and enjoy the soft water sounds that mimic that of a nearby, flowing stream. 

9. Wind chimes to give her yard a touch of sweet serenity. 

Fill her backyard with the beautiful sound of chimes dancing in the wind with these harmonic wind chimes. Perfect for the patio or garden, these chimes are available in an array of colors to match her outdoor theme.  

10. Patio umbrellas for her deck or patio space.

Summer is almost here, and with summer comes warmer weather and increased time spent in the great outdoors. Every now and then, we all like to catch some shade during the peak of heat each day, and a patio umbrella is a lovely way to seek shelter. Don't forget to check out our beach umbrellas for the mama who loves to spend long days lounging in the sand. 

Don't forget to let your mom know just how special she is this year with plenty of hugs, kind words, and thoughtful gifts!