The Best Patio Furniture Covers

Your patio furniture can become a bit dirty if you leave it constantly exposed to the elements. The same goes for your grill, air conditioner, outdoor fountain, fire pit, log rack, and patio heater. Find the best way to protect your outdoor furniture and other appliances by learning about the best patio furniture covers!

Patio Chair and Sofa Covers

No matter the season, you should keep your deck chairs and outdoor sofas covered when they aren’t in use. This is the best way to ensure that they last through many years of use and don’t fall apart after a single season. This is especially true if your outdoor seating includes cushions or outdoor pillows. Even the deepest chairs should be protected with a deep seat garden chair cover. Our patio sofa covers are also made to be long enough to protect full-sized furniture.

Patio Table Covers

Keep your outdoor table clean and ready for dinner service by keeping it covered in-between uses. It doesn’t matter whether your deck table is made from wood or another material, it should be covered using one of our square protective outdoor table covers.

Grill Covers

Outdoor furniture isn’t the only patio item that should be covered in-between uses! Your grill is another large investment that should be well-maintained in order to keep it in good shape for years to come. Your outdoor grill will be protected from all of the elements as well as dirt and grime with one of these grill covers. By keeping it covered, you’ll also ensure that it’s ready to be used to cook anytime you need it.

Fountain Covers

Outdoor fountains are another item that should not be left exposed to the elements for the entirety of winter. The best way to protect your fountain is to disassemble it and bring it indoors. If you can’t do that, then the next best option is to protect it with a fountain cover. Our fountain covers are made in shapes for tiered fountains and fountains of all other shapes and sizes.

Fire Pit Covers, Log Rack Covers and Patio Heater Covers

Fire pits can easily fill up with water and rust when left unprotected in the rain. They can also become filled with dirt and other unsightly debris that you’ll need to remove before starting your next fire. Save time and prevent the headache of having to clean your fire bowl with one of our fire pit covers. We also carry durable log rack covers to protect your firewood as well as patio heater covers. 

Air Conditioner Covers

Unless you live in a very warm climate, you probably don’t run your central air conditioning during the colder months of the year. This means that, while your air conditioner is sitting unused, it’s still being exposed to the elements during the late fall, winter, and early spring. Give your air conditioning unit the protection it deserves with an air conditioner cover. These covers are available in round and square options.