The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Plastic Dog Crates

If you've thought about buying a new crate for your dog, you've certainly noticed the wide offer on the market, with the different models and materials that can only confuse you if you aren't sure what best suits your dog. If plastic crates are what interest you, here's what you should know.

Unlike the other types of dog crates, the plastic ones are typically lighter in weight and easy to assemble. Most often the assembly only requires putting the door in place and fastening its top to the bottom half with wing nut screws, or latches for smaller models. These crates usually feature small windows on the sides and back to provide good ventilation for the dog, and are very convenient for dogs that enjoy a “den” feel, because they offer the privacy the dogs need. A quality plastic dog crate is very sturdy and can offer many years of use.

Another important advantage of the plastic dog crates is that most of them are airline approved, although you'll still need to check ahead with the particular airline you're traveling with whether this exact model you have in mind is approved for use.

But, if your dog is a heavy chewer, the plastic dog crates aren't the cleverest option. The wire ones are certainly better. These crates are made with the functionality in mind, thus some can look unsightly in a home. They are also bulky and difficult to store, whether assembled or disassembled. Since the plastic dog crates don't a have pan at the bottom that provides access for easier cleaning, their maintenance can sometimes be difficult.