Three Tabletop Fountains for the Bold Contemporary Look

The predominant room hues of a interior contemporary style include off-whites, creams, and sandy neutral colors. The light colors give the room an open feel and well as a clean, organized design. To get the bold look, you can punctuate areas with vibrant warm colors. Lime green throw pillows on your cream colored couch or a fruit bowl of oranges on your mahogany table. A room predominantly has the natural colors, but you can highlight them with summer hues for a bold look.

That being said, you can achieve the bold highlights with tabletop fountains as well. Here are three vibrant table tops which will enliven your contemporary look:

Abstract Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights

The dark shell of this fountain will make it pop against the white walls of the room, and the light green center punctuates the warm color. Water bubbles up from the center, highlighted by white LED lighting which creates a unique shimmering illumination. The shell design serves to amplify the relaxing water sounds of this fountain, filling your room with peace.

Three Leaf Cascading Fountain with LED Light

This fountain generally exhibits the creamy, rich hues of a contemporary style, but the three basins pouring into each other mixed with the vibrant detailing work to really make this fountain pop. Also fitted with LED lighting, so you can enjoy the bold ambiance even at night.

Three Tier Cascading Basins Tabletop Fountain with LED Light

This tabletop embodies the straight angles and basic geometric form of the contemporary style. With square base and circular centerpiece, this fountain fits right in with your contemporary furniture. However, the bright metal leaf designs across the face of the fountain bring subtle gold and amber hues to the room. The soft halogen lighting makes this fountain glow.