Summer Dreams ~ Poem by Amber Liddell


The long cold Winter has made times bleak

with frigid air and snowy peaks.

Safe inside our homes we stayed

cooped-up too long, sanity swayed.

But now time has offered a bit of hope

as warmth arrives to help us cope.

Spring is coming without a doubt

bringing the sun to clear snow out.

Backyard parties, wine, and food

bonfires to lift the mood.

Warm nights around the fire

relaxation is required.

The season will not last too long

and Summer will then sing its song.

Camping, fishing and the beach

resting only where our hammocks reach.

So don’t forget the cold we faced

when the temperature becomes displaced.

Scorching heat will make us sweat

but complaints only form regrets

For in 8 months we’ll endure once more

that bitter cold and ice galore…