Selecting An Indoor Wall Fountain

The idea of an indoor wall fountain may seem an outrageous luxury, but it is, in fact, a very realistic possibility. We tend to think of indoor water fountains as ostentatious design elements of yore, something only to be found in the court of a Greek King or decadent roman senator. However, more and more everyday people are purchasing and experiencing the relaxing and calming sensations of gorgeous indoor fountains. However, before you run out and join in on this growing trend in décor and mental health, you need to do some research.

First, really think about the fountain you intend to purchase. Consider the colors and geometry of your indoor location. Is this fountain going to be in your foyer? Maybe in the dining room? Pick your location then pick your water fountain, not vice versa. It's easier to get a wall fountain to fit a wall than a wall to fit a fountain.

Second, check your wall out. If you're a carpenter or live in a home you constructed yourself, you likely know the exact composition of the wall that is to be the future home of your fountain. However, most of us aren't carpenters and many of us don't know much about what's behind the plaster walls that make up our home. Find out. Make sure you've got a power outlet nearby (the fountain will need power for the pump, after all). Find out how heavy the fountain is going to be when assembled and filled with water.

Some fountains are surprisingly light. Others are incredibly heavy. The sheer variety of wall fountains is a delight while shopping, but that same variety makes understanding exactly the fountain you are buying all the more important. Also, be sure you understand the fountain. When shopping for the perfect one you're likely to encounter words you've never heard before like patina or nojoqui or raku-style. Find out what these things mean. Find out how it will be shipped and what are the company's return policies? Do your homework!

Finally, get a fountain you like. If you budgeted $3,000 and the perfect fountain is $3,200, then don't settle for the less-than-perfect fountain. Wait until you can spend a little more and get the perfect fountain. Remember, this is a product that will last many years and hopefully be with you and your family for a long time to come. You're going to have to look at the less-than-perfect fountain every day if it is in your home.

Shop indoor fountains now and make one the perfect accent to your interior living space.