Reasons to Upgrade Your Space Heater to a Fire Pit

Outdoor space heaters can be a great accessory to have on hand when the temperatures drop. However, they're not necessarily the best way to keep your patio or deck nice and toasty for outdoor entertaining. In fact, you may want to switch to a fire pit instead in order to enjoy a more stylish, inviting and versatile outdoor living space. Here are some of the top reasons to upgrade your space heater to a fire pit this year.

Cozier Atmosphere

Royal Cauldron Fire Pit

Space heaters are effective at generating heat, but they don't exactly foster a warm and cozy environment. Some produce a bit of noise that makes it a bit harder to have an intimate conversation with friends or family nearby. Others produce a small area of heat that really only warms up a few people directly next to it, so they're not ideal when you're entertaining a larger group of people.

A fire pit, on the other hand, is perhaps the coziest accessory any deck, patio or yard can have. Who doesn't love to gather around a crackling fire as the temperatures drop and the skies darken? For most people, a fire pit brings back warm memories of nights around a campfire. And because the heat of the fire reaches a greater distance than a space heater, it's easy to gather a small group around the fire for outdoor entertaining. It works equally well for a solo evening with some much-needed peace and quiet, a romantic evening under the stars or an outdoor activity with the kids roasting marshmallows over the fire. Surround your fire pit with some chairs and blankets and you have the perfect setting for a cozy night.

Stylish Designs

Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit

If you want your outdoor living spaces to be just as stylish as your home's interior, a fire pit is the way to go. Think of a fire pit as your outdoor fireplace. It will act as a focal point for your decor and add that homey touch that makes the deck or patio seem just as inviting as your living room.

Space heaters, while helpful on chilly nights, don't really have the same effect. They generally have a much more industrial look that's not really conducive to the idea of an outdoor living space. With fire pits, you'll have a much wider variety of stylish designs from which to choose. You can find classic metal fire pits that are easy to move around as necessary. Use a fire pit ring for a minimalist look. Stone fire pits offer rustic charm while a sleek fire pit table can make your outdoor space look quite modern. You'll find a style for just about any type of outdoor decor when you shop for fire pits at Serenity Health & Home Decor.

Reduced Energy Use

Square Northern Galaxy Fire Pit

One of the main drawbacks with space heaters is the amount of energy that's used each time you turn them on. These devices are typically powered by either electricity or gas. With electric space heaters, you can expect to see your electricity bill increase whenever you turn it on for extra heat. Gas-powered space heaters either require a direct hookup to the main gas supply or the use of propane gas tanks. For these reasons, patio heaters aren't particularly eco-friendly.

Fire pits, on the other hand, are great for reducing your energy use. If you choose a wood-burning fire pit, you won't have to pay any extra energy fees in order to stay nice and warm. Simply chop up spare wood or buy some logs to keep your fire going. You also have the option of using a gas fire pit powered by your main gas supply or propane tanks. This does use some energy but it's still much cheaper and relatively more environmentally friendly compared to heaters powered by electricity.

Cooking Applications

Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cooking Ledge

Looking for yet another reason to love fire pits? Consider the fact that this outdoor accent can do double-duty by keeping you warm and cooking up some tasty food at the same time. There are plenty of delicious fire pit recipes you can easily whip up while you enjoy the warmth of the crackling fire. From corn on the cob to grilled veggies to crispy hash browns, there are lots of great ways to satisfy your cravings by cooking over a fire pit.

To cook over a fire pit, consider using an adjustable fire pit cooking grate from Serenity Health & Home Decor. This product is designed to work with any size or style of fire pit. Alternatively, you can choose a fire pit with a built-in cooking surface. Either way, you'll get to enjoy a great family-friendly activity that makes your outdoor fire pit even more fun to gather around.

It's time to set your space heater aside and start using a fire pit instead. You'll enjoy a more inviting atmosphere along with versatile style and cooking options when you make fire your main outdoor heat source.