Quick and Easy 8-Step Workout Using Our New Balance Ball Trainer

When your calendar is filled to the brim with work lunches, chores, kids' soccer practices, family get-togethers and more, it's difficult to make working out part of your daily routine. Thankfully, Michele Spring has come up with several different quick and easy workout ideas using just one piece of equipment - our Balance Ball Trainer! Michele is a vlogger, mother, and Paleo lifestyle enthusiast who understands that getting a daily dose of exercise is hard for any stay-at-home mom, which is why she put together a video of short workouts any mom can easily do while the kids are down for a nap or a rare minute of free time becomes available! We'll break them down for you, but also be sure to check out the full video here:

Keep in mind that you don't have to be a stay at home mom to perform these simple at home workouts! These workouts are truly for any individual looking to fit a dose of fitness into their everyday routine! Also, big thanks to Michele for her video, and for inspiring us all to make fitness more of a priority throughout the day. Be sure to check out her Youtube channel Thriving on Paleo for more motivating and knowledgeable health tips and tricks!

1. Muscle Warm Up


Michele starts her workout by stepping on and off the balance ball, alternating her feet, to help get her muscles all warmed up. This can be an effort in and of itself because standing on the balance ball forces you to use all your core muscles to stay balanced and in place!

2. Squats

Michele does 10-20 of these, and states it's much harder to do them on the balance ball than on the ground!

3. Bicep Curls

The fitness bands you see her using are built-in, which makes this exercise even more convenient! Michele shows two different styles of these curls: alternating and both arms at the same time. She does reps of 20 for this exercise, and also demonstrates doing both squats and the bicep curls at the same time!

4. Shoulder Strengthening 

Move your arms straight out to both sides of your body while pulling on the fitness bands to work on your shoulders! Then pull them right out in front of you, as well. 

5. Planks Using Ball Side

You can do these planks with your arms straight, or you can support your weight with your forearms as shown above. Michele points out that your back must be straight for this particular exercise! She even demonstrates a variation for this exercise where you extend your arms and go down to your forearms! Be sure to watch the video to fully understand this variation. 

6. Planks Using Opposite Side of Ball

Michele shares that this is a lot harder than it looks! But it's certainly worth a try, and after a while you might just get the hang of it!

7. Core Training

Work your core a little more by holding the position Michele demonstrates above. She stresses the importance of holding your belly button to your spine to protect your muscles and back.

8. Tricep Workout

Lastly, give your triceps a bit of a workout using the fitness bands. You can assume the position shown above, or go on your knees if that's easier, while using one arm to pull the fitness band up and back towards you.

Michele loves this workout because you can multitask and watch television while you do it! So put on your favorite show, fill up that water bottle, and get to work! Thankfully, this simple workout should only take up about 15-20 minutes of your day, so it won't get in the way of your crazy schedule! Enjoy, and good luck serenitizers!