Protect and Clean your Water Fountains

We all love our water fountains, indoors and out but sometimes we need a reminder to CLEAN and CARE for them! Here are some quick tips about fountain care that you can use today and all year long.

First of all, easy, inexpensive and so important if you live in a climate that freezes, is a fountain cover! Winter weather can be harsh on anything left outdoors and this is especially true with the materials fountains are made of, typically fiberglass, cast stone or ceramics.

These materials weather great which is why they are used, but in the freezing weather everything must be protected. A simple fountain cover is the perfect solution. You will want to completely drain your fountain, (also a great time to give it a good cleaning), and cover it with your fountain cover. You will want to do so to avoid water getting in the fountain and freezing and thawing, which causes expanding and contracting and can cause your fountain to crack. Simple, easy, inexpensive and well worth it to protect your investment.

Next, depending on the size of your water fountain you will need to clean it.  If it is a small fountain, let's say less than 5 gallons of water, I recommend cleaning it every couple weeks. This size fountain will be easy to clean and can just be dumped out, wiped clean inside and out and fresh water added. If it is a larger floor standing or wall fountain you should be able to get away with cleaning your fountain every couple months. No matter what size or type of fountain you have, cleaning is critical and should involve emptying the fountain, wiping the basin and the face clean and cleaning out the pump and any other parts that hold or have water flowing.

Cleaning the fountain's pump is a critical step and one that is often forgotten. The pump is the workhorse of any fountain and is most times the only working part. Being that is the “motor and is also acting as a filter it gets very dirty (outdoor fountains more than indoor). If you clean your pump each time you clean your fountain it will stay in tip top shape and clear of debris. Simply take your pump out of your fountain and run it through a hard stream on your hose or in your sink.  All pumps should have a back or door that comes off. Take that off and get at the propeller and the small parts with a toothbrush hook it back up and you are ready to add fresh water and plug it in again.

Finally, fountain care products are great for keeping your fountain fresh and they prolong the build up of algae, thus allowing you to go longer between cleanings. If you have hard water, the white scale control is great. There are some all natural cleaning products on the market that are safe for children, pets and wildlife so you can rest assured all will be safe and your fountain water will be clean! Remember, the use of fountain care and cleaning products does NOT eliminate the need to clean your fountains but allows you to go longer between cleanings.We have a great Definitive Guide to Fountain Care available for download that will go through each product and many additional tips.