Product Spotlight: Two Tier Solar-on-Demand Fountain

If you'’re looking for a simple, low maintenance water fountain, this is the one for you. To assemble, it’s simply a few levels of a twist and lock system and installation of the pump. You could even figure it out without directions, if you'’re the impatient kind like me.

It’s also a solar fountain, which means on solar mode, it will turn on when it senses sufficient sunlight and will turn off when the sun goes down. You don’t need to unplug it or program it each day. On solar mode, it will turn off and on itself. Also, utilizing the sun to power the pump, that means that this is also free in energy costs.

What'’s with the “on demand” part? Well, it is also equipped with a battery pack which is recharged during the day via the solar panel. Then you can turn on the fountain at night, for about 4 hours (which is the capacity of the battery if it is fully charged).

Constructed from resin, the fountain is very durable outdoors. Resin is waterproof and because its a commercial grade plastic, the surface isn'’t porous like natural materials, so algae or calcium deposits won’t stick on the surface. That means that you can easily wipe the basins clean.

The Two Tier Solar On Demand Fountain is very popular garden fountain. It’s actually one of Serenity’s top sellers for the past few years in a row. A classic style which can also function as a birdbath, this is a nice centerpiece or complementary feature for your home.