Patio Umbrellas Perfect for Day and Night Outdoor Activities

With warmer weather around the corner, enjoying outdoor meals while relaxing in the summer shade will soon become a common activity. The new Sunnydaze patio umbrellas provide a great way to unwind, take time to socialize, and lounge in the summer heat during both night and day. Here are some great ways to incorporate a few of our patio umbrellas into the outdoors of your own home!

Imagine a 60-degree spring night. The air is fresh, the sky is cloudless, and it seems as if every star can be seen. It’s the perfect night to relax outside and take advantage of the warmer weather. With the  2-Panel Patio Umbrella Light, you can bring your own light to the night. Each light has 2 panels that illuminate any outdoor space with 12 white LED lights in each panel. With this patio umbrella, you can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable night under your own illumination to enjoy your favorite late night snack or drink.

If you’re the ultimate fan of nighttime get-togethers and evening pool parties, you might also want to check out our  4-Panel Patio Umbrella that features 4 panels with 6 white LED lights in each. Brighten up your nightly barbeques and continue to keep those insects away with this great addition to your outdoor décor!

It’s a hot summer day and you’re looking to catch some shade after spending hours in the pool. Get some protection from the sun with the  Aluminum 9’ Patio Umbrella with Tilt & Crank. The wind/air/sun vent located at the top of this umbrella ensures you’ll keep cool under the shade, and comes in a variety of colors to match your outdoor color scheme.

Another great choice of daytime protection from the sun is our  Aluminum 9’ Solar Patio Umbrella with Tilt & Crank. This umbrella made with fade-resistant 100% polyester fabric is specifically engineered for functionality. Plus it’s energy efficient! The solar panel located at the top controls 24 LED lights, making this the perfect umbrella to enjoy day and night. Whether you’re looking to escape the sun’s rays or enjoy some rest and relaxation at night, this umbrella is ready provide you what you need since it runs off solar power allowing the lights to last 8-10 hours. That’s a lot of time that can be used for some much-needed relaxation!

Are you a beach lover? Are you looking to keep cool on the patio or deck while still enjoying the perfect outdoor weather? Take a look at the  Steel 5’ Beach Umbrella with Tilt Function if you’re headed outside and want the ability to tilt your umbrella to your own desired angle for shade from that summer sun. Available in sage green and red, this is the perfect accessory for lounging in that white sand or in your own backyard and comfort of home if you can’t get to the beach!

Looking to accessorize your Sunnydaze umbrellas? The  Beach Umbrella Hanging Hook contains one 3-prong hook to hang your belongings to keep them from getting wet or filled with sand at the beach. A great way to keep those towels dry! Hang up anything from clothes to jewelry with these convenient hanging hooks. If you’d like to picnic and enjoy a meal away from the sand and grass, check out the  Beach Umbrella Table that features 4 drink holders and plenty of space for snacks! Enjoy a picnic with family and friends, or enjoy a tranquil moment alone with your favorite drink in the cup holder.