Patio Design Ideas for Small Decks

Don't let a small deck keep you from enjoying your home's outdoor space. With the right design strategy, your patio or porch can feel much larger than it really is. Plus, you can still have the room to entertain a guest or two without everyone feeling crammed in. Use these patio design ideas for small decks to make the most of a modestly sized outdoor space.

Pick Space-Saving Furniture

Your small deck isn't the place for bulky outdoor sofas and chairs. However, slim, sleek furniture can be just as stylish while still providing a comfortable place to hang out. Bistro sets are often a perfect fit with just a small table and two chairs. For added seating, get a couple folding chairs that store easily when not in use. Bar-height tables are also a good choice since you can pair them with stools that fit underneath for a smaller footprint. The taller height also makes it possible to stand around the table, which is perfect for entertaining with casual drinks and snacks.

Pick Space-Saving Furniture

Another space-saving seating option is a built-in bench. Keep the center of your deck open by placing seating along one or more edges of the space. If you want to enjoy some food or drinks, pull out small folding tables or end tables

Look for Versatile Decor

Any item that can do double-duty on your small deck is a winner. These items help you to make the most of your limited space while allowing for more open area on the floor. Here are a few examples of versatile décor for your deck:

Storage Ottomans

A storage ottoman can actually serve three purposes by acting as a footrest, end table and storage spot for odds and ends.

Storage Benches

Provide extra seating along with a spot to store some outdoor essentials with a storage bench. This is also a great option if you decide to install built-in benches along your deck.

Tabletop Lighting

Tabletop Lighting

A lovely lantern with a candle inside or a Sunnydaze tabletop fireplace doubles as a decorative piece and a lighting source.

Keep Things Bright

Smaller spaces can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic. One way to make the space appear bigger and more open is to use plenty of outdoor lighting. Your deck will feel airy and bright with the help of some stylish lighting sources. First, consider installing some string lights, which have a charming style that's sure to make your small space feel cozy rather than cramped.

Keep Things Bright

You can also use candles, outdoor torches or a small fire pit from Serenity Health & Home Décor to bright added light into the space after the sun goes down. Remember that you don't have to wait until after dark to use some of these light sources to brighten up the space.

If your deck still feels dark during the day, consider removing foliage or an overhang in order to brighten it up. You can also place a mirror in your outdoor space to help reflect natural light and make the space appear larger.

Take the time to use these tips in your small patio design strategy and you'll see a big impact when it comes to how stylish and inviting your deck feels.