Outside of the Pub-Shed - A New Take on Incorporating the Space Outside the 'Shed'

Pub-sheds, or bar-sheds, are one of the newest trends moving into our backyards. Instead of tearing down their old sheds many are getting creative and transforming their shed's interior into an adult oasis. 

Anything you like in your bar, you can include in your shed to make the perfect miniature sized bar, only without the obnoxious strangers! Plus, the drinks are always much cheaper, and you don't have to wait to use the dart board or mini pool table. Many have a shed that sits unused, this is a great project to utilize those unused space.

If you decide to create your own pub-shed, you can expand it to the area outside the shed as well to incorporate more space for gatherings with friends. When you do this, I recommend creating different zones for better flow. The zones can be as simple as a small eating area, and another area for the fire pit. You can also create several zones if you have the yard space for it. 

Below are some ideas for zones you can establish in your outdoor space. When it comes to placement, put your outdoor pieces where they make the most sense. 

Outdoor Dining

Decorative Bistro Table Set

The area right outside your shed, and to either side, can be a dining area. To do this, simply set up a bistro table set or a couple of outdoor lounge chairs to create a place to sit down with a drink and/or a snack. This keeps you and your friends comfortable and kind of gives a cafe-like feel to the space while still being intimate and social.

Fire Pit Area

36 Inch Crossweave Fire Pit

The next zone I would recommend is a fire pit and seating around it. Honestly, who doesn't love spending time around a fire with a good drink in-hand? All you have to do is make your favorite drink in the "bar" and head out to the fire for some socialization, warming up and a good roasted marshmallow or two.

Lounging and Relaxation Zone

Candy Stripe Hammock with Stand

Another area for outside the “bar” would be a lounging zone. Hammocks, hammock swings or chairs as well as zero gravity chairs, make amazing places to stretch out with a beer or glass of wine.

Now that we have the various zones covered for outside of the pub-shed, we can talk about the finishing touches:

Drink Holders

Outdoor drink holders that you can insert into the ground are the perfect solution for nearby chairs, hammocks or hanging hammock swings when you don't have a side table available. If you prefer a more neutral black and white style, you can find those drink holders here.

Water Features

Old Time Saloon Barrel Outdoor Water Fountain

If you are looking to make the space more relaxing, a garden water fountain offers the serene sound of flowing water. Water sounds can act as a sort of white noise that drowns out more stressful background sounds like busy traffic.

Solar Lighting

Black Lab Solar Light

You can add an extra decorative, yet functional element with solar lighting. String lights are great for decorating the top of the shed while path lights make great lighting options for between each of your zones.

Whether you choose to just have one zone outside of your pub-shed or a few, your new outdoor oasis is sure to turn some heads.

For more ideas for your indoor or outdoor space, visit us at Serenity Health & Home Decor.