Outdoor Dining: 5 Ideas for Setting the Table Outdoors

Dining outdoors can sometimes bring its own extra challenges including warding off insects and being mindful of the weather and wind. But on a beautiful summer day, not much can compare to a lovely meal outdoors with family and friends. Here are five handy tips and ideas to help make your outside dining experience a success.

1. Find the right patio furniture!

It’s a little hard to avoid bugs when you’re setting your food and beverages in the grass, which is why it’s important to utilize patio furniture when dining outside! Our teak patio sets are just one example of our many durable and comfortable patio furniture that help you and yours enjoy a relaxing dining experience. Whether you’re having brunch with a friend or the whole family is over for dinner, we offer a variety of different sizes and sets of teak patio furniture sure to fit your dining needs. You could set up a smaller patio table such for you and your friend like our Bahama Square Table Bistro Set with beverages, cheese, and crackers. Or prepare a larger table like our Oval Extension Table with a full course meal when several guests are coming over. The possibilities are endless!

2. Accessorize!

Of course there’s always time, care, and effort put into the presentation of the food you’ll be serving, and sometimes you might worry that it looks just right. But have you ever thought about how setting the table can be fun, too? Accessorizing your patio furniture is key to having fun with setting the table outdoors! Perhaps you want to decorate with vibrant, celebratory colors and could place bright yellow and red flowers in an orange vase as the centerpiece. Or maybe you’d prefer a more casual and elegant scene, and set the table with white and black plates with a simple daisy centerpiece. However you decorate is up to you and the theme of the occasion, but don’t be afraid to give the table a little spice and style!

Solar Patio Umbrella

3. Use an umbrella!

So the food is out on the table, each plate and fork has been perfectly placed, and the guests will be arriving soon. But, the bright sun is peaking out through the clouds and you know your guests will appreciate some shade while eating and catching up with one another. It’s time to bring out your patio umbrella! Our Sunnydaze patio and beach umbrellas are the perfect solution to escaping the hot sun and getting some shade while dining. Equipped with a wind/air/heat vent at the top, these umbrellas ensure you and your guests will stay cool in the shade. Plus if the wind picks up, these umbrellas are stable and durable enough to handle it. Not to mention there are plenty of colors to choose from to match and define your outdoor space.

4. Keep food simple!

An important part of setting up any outdoor table is making sure that the food prepared is simple. Consider sticking to foods that can stay out in warmer weather longer without going bad, just in case you plan to keep the food out for guests for several hours. This tip usually pertains to occasions when you and your guests will be snacking all day as opposed to eating a meal at one time. Excellent foods to consider when guests will be snacking throughout the day are pretzels, crackers, sandwiches, pizza, cookies, cake, vegetable trays, potato salads…the list goes on! If you have a way to chill your foods when outside, consider adding a variety of fruit and cold beverages to your list!

El Fuego Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

5. Pick the perfect centerpiece!

Centerpieces were briefly mentioned in the “accessorize” tip, but it’s important to elaborate on how essential a centerpiece can be when setting your outdoor table. A centerpiece fills many purposes, a few being a great way to emphasize the theme of your outdoor dining party and providing a fun and unique way to add decoration to your patio furniture. When buying, creating, or designing your centerpiece get creative and have fun with it! Some great centerpiece ideas are using plants and flowers, rocks, stones, moss, vines, candles, glassware, and decorated baked goods like cupcakes. Tabletop fireplaces are another great option! Just be sure not to leave them outdoors when you go inside. You can arrange any of these centerpiece ideas in any way you’d like that best suits your outdoor theme. Just don’t forget to add one when setting the table!