Outdoor Decor and Deck Furniture Ideas

A well-decorated outdoor space can make all the difference when it comes to entertaining guests or simply enjoying time spent on your own patio. You may know exactly what you want when it comes to outdoor furniture and decor, or you might be looking for some creative inspiration to spark up some new ideas. For those of you that are having a hard time getting started with an outdoor decor project, we’ve put together a few of our favorite deck furniture tips and ideas.

1. Make it Comfortable and Private

Two general rules of thumb to follow when putting together an outdoor space are to make it comfortable and keep it private. Both of these guidelines will help you create a deck where you’ll actually want to spend your time! The best way to make your patio comfortable is by choosing the right deck furniture. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an outdoor sofa set, a dining set or a combination of both, make sure that it meets your family’s needs. Consider what you like to do outdoors and get furniture to help facilitate those activities. Once you’ve chosen your furniture, make sure to arrange it in a way that doesn’t leave you completely exposed to your neighbors. Your backyard will feel more like an oasis if you don’t feel as if you’re on display every time you’re outside.

2. Only Invest in High-Quality Furniture

It's important to shop for high-quality deck furniture, as it is a much better option when you’re tying to create a porch that you love. Shop our selection of Sunnydaze outdoor furniture to find premium pieces at an affordable price. If you want to add an extra layer of comfort to your patio chairs and sofas, cover them in outdoor cushions and pillows. These soft pieces create added comfort and shouldn’t be limited to indoors.

3. Install Mood Lighting

The next step in creating an inviting atmosphere in your outdoor oasis is to add a little bit of mood lighting. Don’t rely on the lights that are already built onto the exterior of your house to light your patio during nighttime gatherings. Hang some string lights, install lanterns, decorate with an outdoor lamp, or add solar-powered lights to create a warm ambiance while dining al fresco.

4. Add Wall Art, an Outdoor Rug, and a Fire Bowl

Use decorative items to pull your outdoor space together just as you would with a room inside your home. Outdoor wall art adds a special touch to a patio or a courtyard, and gives your guests something nice to look at when they spend time at your home. Outdoor rugs can also be inviting additions to any deck. If you prefer your decor to have a specific function, you can add a fire bowl or fire pit to your patio. This can create a centerpiece for the space and give you countless hours of entertainment.

5. Add Stylish Outdoor Water Fountains

The final touch to add to your garden or backyard is an outdoor fountain. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time outside and listening to the serene sound of running water. These garden fountains come in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit any decor scheme. Choose a freestanding fountain with multiple tiers for an eye-catching centerpiece. You can also opt for a lower-profile wall fountain that can be easily installed on the side of your house or an outdoor wall.