New Popular Cascade Fountains

The cascade solar fountains have always been hot sellers. Each ceramic bowl has a glassy, bright glaze over it, and the cascading motion of the water creates a sweet resonance of water sounds. They are solar fountains through and through, which means an environment-friendly low energy cost fountain to own. However, that also means that their performance depends entirely on sunny conditions. On a bright sunny day, these fountains run with no problem, but on cloudy days, the water pressure may vary depending on sun exposure.

But, this little inconvenience is solved with these new Monroe Cascade Solar on Demand fountains. That means that these are designed to work both on solar energy and battery power. In good sunlight conditions, the solar panel will harness energy from the sun and power the pump along with recharging the batteries. When it is cloudy or if you would like to enjoy your fountain at night, with a push of a button, you can set this fountain on battery mode, and the pump will be powered by the batteries. Fully charged batteries will power this fountain up to four hours, then shut off and automatically switch to the sun mode, starting again when sunlight is detected.

Although I’m used to color choices like purple/brown, glossy blue, bold red and others, these new solar on demand cascades are only offered in a creamy white and terracotta color choice. Being a new product on the market, I’m sure more color choices will be available. The bowls on these fountains are also designed with elegant leaf imprints around the sides. With a unique, canopy-like stand, this is a really attractive fountain for either the garden or the patio. And, you can enjoy it any time you want!