Modern Outdoor Furniture: Ways to Update Your Patio

Is your outdoor space in need of some updating? Give your furniture an upgrade to enjoy a more modern, chic look for your deck, patio or yard. With a few simple changes, you can make a big impact when it comes to the appearance and comfort of your outdoor living spaces. Here are some of the best modern outdoor furniture options to consider adding to your home.

Enjoy Cool-Weather Comfort

Patio Heater

A gas fire pit offers one way to keep warm in your outdoor space. But if you're hosting a big soiree, all your guests may not be able to gather around this patio feature. To create a cozy environment throughout your space even when the temperatures cool off, use a variety of patio heaters. You can place these items in various areas to ensure that no matter where your guests are mixing and mingling, they’ll feel nice and toasty thanks to a nearby heat source.

Today's patio heaters are more stylish and sophisticated than ever. Most of these products have a very modern look that will fit right in with your contemporary outdoor decorating. Use large propane heaters to create warmth around the perimeter of your outdoor space. You can also use tabletop patio heaters for smaller areas or even mount a small electric patio heater under an outdoor table umbrella, along a wall or on a telescoping pole. This modern touch allows you to host guests in a stylish and spacious outdoor area despite chilly temperatures.

Choose a Sleek Patio Set

Patio Set

It's time to say goodbye to the old-school wooden or metal furniture on your patio or porch. While classic benches, porch swings and cafe tables have a charming look, they don't really give your outdoor space a modern vibe. If you want your deck or patio to have the same clean lines and contemporary style as your home, upgrade to a new patio set featuring stylish modern pieces.

To achieve the modern look, consider a wicker rattan furniture set from Serenity Health & Home Decor. This style of furniture appears similar to the pieces you might have in your home, which makes for a more seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The comfortable cushions also add a plush feel that's just like sinking into a cozy sofa or chair inside. By including elements like side tables, coffee tables or ottomans, it creates a coordinated look that's stylish and sleek. Your guests are sure to be impressed by this luxurious-looking furniture that feels so much more comfortable for entertaining outdoors.

Add a Water Fountain

Patio Set

While patio heaters and furniture are certainly practical items to include in your outdoor space, it's fun to find some decorative elements to include as well. One of the best ways to add a modern touch to your outdoor space is to decorate with a contemporary outdoor fountain. Think past the traditional tiered bird bath style fountains you may have seen before. Today, there are so many unique, modern fountain designs in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes from which to choose.

Look for clean, smooth shapes to find a contemporary fountain for your patio, porch or yard. While more traditional fountains often feature antique finishes, a modern style will have vibrant colors that don't fade over time. A marble, slate or glass finish is usually quite contemporary in style. Some homeowners also prefer a consistent, cascading waterfall to the trickling sound of traditional fountains. Look for these features to add a modern touch to your outdoor space.

Convert to a Gas Fire Pit

Gas Fire Pit

Having an outdoor fire pit adds such a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your patio or deck. For a modern twist on this homey backyard tradition, convert to a gas fire pit. With gas, you don't have to deal with smoke, lingering odors or wood piles. Instead, you can use a gas fire pit converter kit to change to propane or natural gas fuel. Once you've installed the kit, you can add colorful lava rock or fire glass to add a contemporary accent to your fire pit.

It's time to prioritize your outdoor space in order to fully utilize your home's exterior the way you'd like to. When your outdoor space begins to look a bit more up-to-date with current trends, it becomes a better reflection of your modern personal style. Use these tips to give your porch, patio, deck or yard a stylish look that feels sleek and chic.