Last Minute Checklist for your Halloween Party

In the midst of creating costumes and candy shopping, it can be easy to put off your Halloween party planning until the last minute. If you're throwing a party this year and find yourself full of monstrous stress on Hallow's Eve, this checklist is here to ensure you have the last spooky details in place before your ghoulish guests arrive!

1. Prepare a feast of frightening food

If you've totally spaced on what treats to serve at your party, have no fear. I've got some quick and easy Halloween themed snacks you can whip up the night before and still have time for other party preparation! 

#1. Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts

These adorable little ghosts are the perfect snack and guaranteed to disappear fast! In three simple steps, you'll have these tasty guys on your table and ready to be gobbled up in minutes thanks to Jen from  Yummy Healthy Easy. 

#2. Spider Web Taco Dip

Zombies and vampires alike will crowd around this chip and dip combo as soon as it hits the table! Learn how to make it from Sue at  Palatable Pastime.

#3. Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

These strangely realistic witch fingers take under 30 minutes to make! Hop on your broom and fly to the kitchen to start creating this recipe masterpiece thanks to Elizabeth from  About Food.

2. Set the scene 

Illuminate your jack-o'-lanterns on the front porch, cover your patio with fake spiderwebs, and choose a scary music playlist on Spotify to set the mood. It's important to establish a spooky atmosphere with decor, and it only takes an hour or two to get the decorations on display! Need some more ideas? Check out these  fall themed home decor ideas.

To make party preparation even easier get your guests outside! Which leads me to my next tip.....

3. Take the party outside

Why sit around all night inside when you can gather around a fire and tell spooky stories while roasting marshmallows? Stay warm around this  rustic stars and moon fire pit ring or one of these wood-burning pits and add to the Halloween color scheme with a burnt orange solar patio umbrella that will brighten up your outdoor space with its 24 solar LED lights when the stories get a little too spooky.

4. Create a small dress up photo booth

Pick a corner of a room or a space outdoors to set up a simple backdrop that could be as easy as taping colorful wrapping paper to the wall. Fill the space with all kinds of dress up materials like masquerade masks, capes, wigs, etc. and deem it as the fun photo booth where guests can dress up and take pictures. The pictures serve as memorabilia of an epic night!

This backdrop is elaborate, but it's here to get your creative juices flowing! It's one of ten photo booth ideas from  Brit + Co that you should absolutely take a look at!

5. Bring out the big screen for the horror films

Whether you plan on binge watching classic horror films all night or just want the dramatic sounds from them playing in the background, using a large sheet to project the movie is the best choice when the party is outdoors! It creates more space, it's quick and easy to set up, and it's inexpensive! Plus, who doesn't want to experience a thriller in the darkness of night? Learn how to make this DIY movie screen happen at  Lou Lou Girls.

Need some cozy seating options? These  zero gravity chairs are perfect for outdoor relaxation. 

Hopefully these quick and easy tips and tricks will help make your Halloween party a boo-last! Good luck and be sure to share your Halloween party success stories and pictures with us!