Insulating Your Dog’s House for the Winter

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If your dog is an outdoor dog, and you live in a seasonal area, you'll want to make sure his outdoor living space is well insulated so that he won't suffer during the winter months. If you're buying a new one or updating an old one, here are some tips which will make your dog's place a bit warmer during the chilly months.

The size of the dog house should correspond with the size of your dog

This becomes especially important during the winter period of the year. Dogs use their own body heat to warm up their dog house, thus the size should not be too large because in this case the house will be cold and uncomfortable for your dog. You should build or buy a dog house that will be large enough for your dog to easily move around, but small enough to provide warmth during the colder months. This usually is about 20% larger than the size of your dog.

Make a separate room away from the doghouse door to provide warmer place for your dog to sleep in

To build a good insulated dog house you should also make sure the door is not larger than needed. The cold from outside can easily get into the house through the larger doors. You can also make a separate room away from the door that will be warmer and your dog will more enjoy.

The dog house floor should not be in contact with the ground

The ground is often frozen during the winter, thus it should not be close to the dog house floor. Having even a little bit of elevation or a wood buffer will keep the floor boards of your dog's house warm. You can easily separate them with some kind of base or deck, and if the dog house is now higher then supposed, you can place a ramp for your dog to approach it easier.

Insulate the doghouse walls for better protection from the cold weather

For your dog to be protected from the outside weather the insulted dog house should be built the same way a real house is. You need to insulate the walls to keep the dog house warm. You can also add an extra layer of material if your dog likes chewing things.