Indoor Fountains: Keeping the Water Clean

The indoor water features bring visual pleasures and relaxing ambiance to any home or office environment, but the hard water stains and the potential mold growth that can build up on the fountain over time, are not that pleasant.

So, what should you do to fix this problem?

You can use distilled water in the indoor fountain. This water is free of minerals which can cause the undesirable hard water stains on the feature, and even clog up the pump. When changing the water, first unplug the fountain and damp the old water, and then clean the existing hard water stains and algae build-ups with a toothbrush doused in non-toxic vinegar. When this is done, add only distilled water and use this mineral-free liquid regularly.

Another thing to do would be adding a cup of white vinegar to the circulating water in the fountain, and the system will bring it through the hoses and pump, dissolving any mineral build-ups there are in the fountain's important components. This will also eliminate the mosquito larvae, often present in indoor fountains.

At the end, the fountain should always be running, because the stagnant water breeds algae. If it is turned off, always dump out the water. Also, keep the fountain out of direct sunlight, because it stimulates the algae growth.  You can find many more here Keep your indoor fountain looking beautiful all year long!