How to Throw the Perfect DIY Summer Party in 5 Easy Steps

Summer isn't over yet! With all the back to school signs going up in stores, it's hard to believe we still have the whole month of August to soak in the sun, relax poolside, and throw plenty of summer themed parties. Instead of dreaming of packed lunches, school supplies, and homework, start dreaming up ideas for your next weekend grill out or pool party with loved ones! In case you need a little help with the details, we have you covered with these 5 tips of how to throw the best summer party of the year. The best part? It's all DIY!

1. Create decorative invitations.

Invite your guests in style with cute and crafty invitations via email or a letter. You could bust out the fancy letterhead and colored pencils and start sketching out ideas, but it would be even faster to send a welcoming "evite" aka email invite! The invitation above was made on Canva, an online graphic design website that offers free templates to help you create invitations, blog posts, posters, and much more! It's easy to use and you can edit and download any of the free templates you create so you can personalize your information and design, and then send to family and friends. 

2. Whip up festive decorations. 

The first and foremost step to planning party decorations is choosing a theme. Whether you're going for the vintage beach look or some classic Hawaiian luau decor, it's easy to create some stunning decorations for any style of party. No matter what theme you've chosen, DIY pinwheels are the perfect touch to your outdoor or indoor party because you can make them easily from paper of different sizes with the colors and patterns of your choosing! That way they match your party theme. Check out instructions on how to create them at Copper and Blossom.  

3. Prepare unique snacks.

Food is an important aspect of any party. Take a step ahead of other hosts and make your snacks spunky and creative to amuse your guests with this watermelon shark! It's sure to wow children and adults, and it's a healthy choice! Learn how to make it at Instructables

4. Entertain your guests with fun games.

Once everyone has arrived and had their fill of food and conversation, it's time to play some games! If you're not looking to spend several hours crafted a DIY game, then DIY Twister is the quick and easy creation for you. It involves spray painting the colored dots on either grass or a large board to recreate the classic (and competitive!) game. This DIY can be done in minutes, and can be made as large as you'd like so that several more people can participate compared to a normal game. Check out the details at Instructables.

5. Don't forget the party favors!

As a little token of appreciation, send your guests off with a little "thank you" gift and reminder of the amazing party you threw! Decorate several mason jars in correlation with your party's theme and fill them with different party favors to appeal to all who attended. For example, (depending on your number of guests) fill a few with handmade soaps, a few with decorative rocks and flowers, a few with candles, and a few with colorful candy. For more ideas of how to design and decorate your mason jar along with suggestions of what to fill them with, check out Brit + Co.