How to Restore Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Chairs?

If your wrought iron patio furniture set is looking old and rusty, and you were just preparing to take it outside, depending on its condition, there are few simple steps you can apply to quickly restore it to its former luster. The tools and materials you'll need for this project include: drop cloths, paintbrush, scraping tools like coarse steel wool, emery paper, or a drill with a wire brush, metal primer and paint.

First, remove the seats from the rusted outdoor patio chairs and clean the rust with a coarse steel wool or emery paper, or use the drill with a wire brush. When the rust is completely removed, prime the whole chairs, including every corner and edge, with the metal prime, and then leave them to fully dry for about 1 hour. Afterwards spray them with one coat of paint in a color of your choice, but make sure you won't also spray some other nearby objects. When the paint has dried, apply another coat and leave the chairs to dry for 48 hours. Once the second layer of paint is dry we can place the seat again and the patio furniture set is ready for us to enjoy it.