How to Properly Store Your Patio Furniture for Winter

After the warm summer months have come and gone, it’s important to prepare your patio furniture for the colder months of the year. This is especially important if you live in a climate with a harsh winter. Your outdoor furniture will last through many more summers if you take the time to properly prepare and store it for the winter. Ideally, all of your garden furniture should be stored indoors during the cold season. If this isn’t possible, you should at least protect your furniture with waterproof covers. There are also a number of steps you can take to winterize your deck furniture!

Preparing Outdoor Furniture for Storage

Each different type of patio furniture requires different cleaning and preparation before being placed in storage. Be sure to take the time to clean and retouch all of your outdoor furniture before storing it to make setting it up next summer that much easier. Keep reading and use this guide to get started with your preparations this fall!

Winterizing Wood Patio Furniture

Wood outdoor furniture should be cleaned and protected from the elements during the winter. Use a solution of mild detergent, bleach, and water to clean the exterior of your wood furniture before storing it. Check to make sure that the piece’s finish or paint is still intact before storage and make any necessary touchups. If your furniture is made from teak or cedar, an extra bleach solution can be used for cleaning and lightening the wood. You should also treat teak furniture with specialty oil annually.

Winterizing Metal Outdoor Furniture

Wash your metal patio furniture with a detergent, water solution, and a scrub brush to remove dirt and debris. Then rinse it thoroughly. If your furniture has any sign of chipped paint or rust, be sure to treat the area with primer and touch it up with car paint before storage. The exterior can also be treated with car wax to help prevent any further rust.

Winterizing Plastic Deck Furniture

Because of the durability of plastic, your plastic patio furniture doesn’t need much special care. Simply wash it with detergent and hose it off to make sure that it’s clean. Despite its durability, plastic can become incredibly brittle after being exposed to freezing temperatures. Because of this, be sure to store it indoors during the winter.

Winterizing Patio Furniture with Cushions

Use detergent and water to clean your outdoor furniture cushions before storing them for the winter. Removable covers can be cleaned in the washing machine, as well. Diluted white vinegar can also be used to remove any buildup of mildew. Fabric outdoor cushions should always be stored in a dry place indoors during winter months.

Winterizing Wicker and Rattan Outdoor Furniture

A mixture of bleach and water can be used to remove any dirt, dust and mildew from wicker patio furniture. Use spray paint to touch up any problem areas after you’ve cleaned and dried your pieces. Natural rattan should be cleaned with minimal use of water to protect it from damage. Store these pieces in a dry place and keep them up on blocks to protect the feet from moisture damage.