How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

Tips For Fun Summer Picnics

Did you know that July is National Picnic Month? Picnics are the perfect summer get-together with tasty food, good company and warm weather. We have lots of great tips and products to have a fun and relaxing picnic all summer long!

Picnic Blankets

Picnic Blankets

Our Mexican beach yoga blankets put a stylish twist on the classic picnic blanket. Featuring bright colors and an attractive tribal pattern, each blanket is beautifully handwoven by expert Mayan artisans. These blankets are perfect for lounging or keeping warm when it gets a little chilly outside.

Stay in the Shade

CanopyBeach Umbrella

Having fun in the sun is great, but overdoing it and getting a sunburn isn't fun. Keep the sun's rays at bay with a portable and easy-to-set-up canopy. Plus, if Mother Nature tries to rain on your picnic, you can easily stay dry underneath. Our vented beach umbrellas are also a great option, as they provide UV 50 sun protection. (Plus, they're perfect for picnics at the beach!)

Fresh Eats

Fresh Eats

Not sure what to pack to eat for your picnic? You can't go wrong with cool, refreshing foods on a hot summer day. Look for in-season fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and fresh berries. Healthy and delicious sugar snap peas and baby carrots are great to snack on, especially when paired with a delicious dip. Keep your main course simple, with cold sandwiches that are easy to pack ahead of time. For food safety, ensure that your food is packed in an insulated container filled with ice or ice packs to keep it crisp and cold.

Outdoor Games

Portable Bean Bag Toss Game

Once you're done eating, there's no need to pack up and leave just yet! Stay and enjoy the sunshine by playing some fun outdoor games. Our portable cornhole bean bag toss game set is designed to be easily taken along on the go with handy built-in carrying handles and folding legs.

Hold Your Drink Hands Free

Drink Holders

Have a place to set your drink down with these handy drink holders. They are perfect if your picnic spot is short on tables or if you need your hands free to play some fun outdoor games. Plus, they come with a convenient carrying bag that can also fit other items for your picnic, like blankets, hammocks and other items.

Have Cold Drinks Readily Available

Monitor Desk Mount

A cool beverage on a warm summer day is always welcome and refreshing. Have beverages out and easily accessible with an ice bucket drink cooler with a stand and tray. Don't need the stand and tray? You can just take along the bucket as it is removable and can be used by itself.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

Tulip Design TorchTulip Design Torch

Don't let mosquitos and other pests put a damper on your picnic. Get pesky insects to bug off with outdoor torches. Keep a few tabletop torches filled with citronella oil on the picnic table to repel mosquitos. Don't have a picnic table? Try lawn torches that feature stakes on the bottom to stand upright on the ground. We even have torches that can be set up on the table or upright on the ground, like our Tulip Design Torch. With just these simple additions to your picnic, you’ll be spending more time enjoying good conversation and fun games and less time swatting unwanted flying guests!

Just by following these simple tips and ideas, you can throw a fun, relaxing summer picnic with ease!