How to Make Breakfast Biscuits Over the Campfire in 7 Easy Steps

Want to learn how to make this tasty breakfast treat on your next camping trip? This simple recipe is pictured here cooked to perfection using our cast iron drop biscuit pan. Create this yummy breakfast biscuit for your family this summer out in the woods and over the fire, or from the comforts of your home!

*Note: There are no exact timeframes specified for each step of instructions because this recipe is cooked over a fire and all steps are contingent upon the hotness of your fire.*


  • Cast iron biscuit pan
  • Fire pit grill/grate
  • Frozen tater tots
  • Pre-cooked meats such as sausage
  • Your choice of favorite veggies such as mushrooms, tomatoes, etc.
  • 10-12 eggs
  • Your favorite shredded cheese
  • A warm fire
  • Optional: bacon and bread

Before you begin: Make sure to season your pan to ensure the food won't stick. Click here to learn how to properly season and maintain your cast iron cookware!

STEP 1: Place your cast iron biscuit pan on a cooking grate over your fire to begin warming it up. We placed our biscuit pan on our X-Marks Cooking Grill. Optional: You can spray your pan with non-stick spray as it heats up, but this isn't necessary if your pan was pre-seasoned beforehand.

STEP 2: Once your biscuit pan is nice and warm, place three frozen tater tots in each biscuit mold. Then let the tots sit until they begin to thaw.

STEP 3: Now fill your biscuit molds with your favorite veggies and/or meats. For this recipe, we added pre-cooked sausage, chopped onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Green peppers and spinach are some other veggies we recommend for this recipe! As you can see, we cooked up a little bacon on the side as well for an extra tasty treat. In fact, cooking bacon over the fire on a grate like this one eliminates that messy, greasy bacon clean up that you experience when cooking in the microwave or on the stove top!

STEP 4: Once the veggies and/or meats have warmed up a little, add your eggs. We pre-scrambled a dozen eggs before pouring them into each biscuit mold. Add seasoning to taste. Leave your biscuit pan over the fire until your eggs are fully cooked. 

To see if your eggs are ready, you can gently cut open one of the eggs in an outside mold with a knife to check it. Or you can always stick to the simple "toothpick method." This involves inserting a toothpick into each mold, and if the toothpick is clean when you pull it out then your eggs are ready! If you wish, heat up some toast on the side as you wait for your eggs to finish cooking. Spray your bread with butter flavored cooking spray before placing on the grate/grill.

STEP 5: Top off your breakfast biscuits with some shredded cheese. If you prefer your cheese melted, leave the pan on the fire for a few additional minutes.

STEP 6: Carefully remove your biscuit pan from the cooking grate and set on a cooling rack. Warning: pan will be very hot, so handle with care! Then pop your breakfast biscuits out of their molds using a fork.

STEP 7: Serve, eat, and enjoy your delicious masterpiece!

*Pro tip: Keep your side of bacon & toast warm by placing them in a disposable aluminum pan and covering them with aluminum foil. Then keep this off the hottest part of the flame to prevent overcooking. Lightly cover with foil to prevent condensation and soggy food.*