How to Maintain a Foosball Table

Because of the affordability of the foosball tables, this arcade game has now become very popular, even as a family game played in many homes. To ensure the long life of the equipment we've bought, we need to take good care of it and to regularly clean and maintain the table and the accessories. Here's what this includes:

You can clean the balls with a household scouring pad soaked in dish soap, but be careful not to scrub them too much so they won't become too slick.

The inside and the foosball table surface can be cleaned with a soft non-abrasive cloth and soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Since the surplus liquid and moisture in or on the table can damage the playing surface, it is best to use the least possible amount of liquid when cleaning. Glass cleaners causing corrosion and other commercial cleaners should be avoided, because they might make the foosball's surface too slippery.

From time to time, you'll need to lubricate the rods with silicone oil. It is best to apply it on the rod's outside so you won't risk dripping it on the foosball table, and to move the rods back and forth while applying so that the silicon can be more evenly distributed on them. You can wipe off the surplus silicon with some towel.

The foosball men should be firmly secured to the rods to ensure strong and accurate shots and passes during the table game. If they are loose, screw them better. This will also help preventing the players from breaking or cracking.

Never clean the foosball table handles with a furniture polish or a window cleaner, because this way they'll be difficult to grip, and the good control of the players is essential for playing a good game. You can dust them with a damp cloth to prevent a corrosive buildup, and dry them before you play again.