How to Create the Ultimate Garden on your Patio

Looking for an easy and affordable way to make your patio more inviting? Just add plants! You don't need to major overhaul of your decor or furniture to make a big impact on your space. Adding greenery and flowers instantly creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere and turns even a drab outdoor space into something truly fabulous. Best of all, you don't have to use up any yard space in order to pull of this patio upgrade. Instead, your patio becomes the ultimate garden when you use these space-saving planting tips.

Potted Plants

Tiered Folding Plant Stand

The most popular way to add plants to a patio is to use classic pots. One of the best things about potted plants is that you can find pots that come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, styles and colors, making it easy to complement your patio's existing decor. Whether you want just one or two tall stone planters or a variety of small terracotta pots scattered throughout the space, planter pots make it easy to take advantage of small nooks and crannies where you want to liven things up with some colorful flowers or textured greenery.

Don't forget that a plant stand can help you to include even more plants in a small space. This is perfect for a patio where you want to include lots of plants without making the patio feel too crowded with pots.

Plant Herbs

Plant Herbs

Even the smallest patio or balcony has enough room to grow some herbs. You can grow a few herbs in a small, narrow window box or use tiered pots to separate a few varieties into levels. They take up hardly any space, yet they instantly add a charming touch to your patio. Choose some of your favorite herbs for cooking, like mint, parsley, basil or cilantro, to ensure that you can also reap the benefits of this mini garden to create more flavorful meals.

Grow Vertically

32-Inch Traditional Garden Trellis

If you're lacking available floor space, consider adding plants vertically along the edges of your patio. A wall or railing can provide the perfect spot to add lots of lush foliage to your outdoor living space. Plus, it brings the eye up as opposed to having all your plants close to the ground.

This garden trellis from Serenity Health & Home Decor is an excellent example of how to grow plants vertically on your patio. Plant a crawling vine plant like English ivy and watch as it slowly creeps up the trellis. It's easy to plant in a narrow box planter or along an edge of your patio where there's soil already on the ground. The plants add color and lushness while the trellis itself adds a touch of style to your space as well.

Another option is to mount small planters on the wall. You can repurpose sections of gutters for this purpose to add long lines of flowers to the space. Another option is to lean a pallet up against the wall and plant flowers in the openings. It's even possible to hang a shoe organizer on an exterior wall and fill the pockets with soil to add flowers, herbs or other plants. Feel free to get creative with the ways that you grow your plants vertically outdoors.

Hang Your PlantsEggshell Hanging Flower Basket with Coco Liner

As with vertical planters, hanging planters help to bring beautiful greenery and flowers to new heights in your patio so all the plants are clustered on the ground. This is a great option for areas where you have an overhang that extends above the patio area or a pergola that covers the outdoor space. Hanging planters won't take up any space on your patio, but they'll add lots of color, style and charm.

A classic hanging flower basket is the perfect place to include some bright, vibrant flowers on your patio. Simply attach a hook to the overhang and you'll have a sturdy spot to anchor your basket. If you don't have an overhang but do have a bit of floor space, consider a freestanding basket hanger with hooks on the top. For a trendy, retro-chic look, consider using a macrame hanging planter instead of one made with plastic or metal.

Garden Bench

Raised Wood Garden Bed Planter Box with Shelf

Turn one corner of your patio into a gorgeous little garden with a bench or rolling cart. This is a great option for growing some of your favorite plants and flowers in a dedicated area. And since most include multiple shelves, you can maximize the number of plants in a small area by growing on more than one level.

Another option is to use one level of your garden planter bench to store your gardening tools. This ensures that you can easily access everything you need to work on your garden without having to take up even more floor space with a box or other place to store your tools.

Use these tips to create the lush and colorful outdoor space you desire. You don't have to have a huge yard in order to plant a gorgeous garden you can tend to throughout the year.