Harvard Foosball Table – A Foosball Table of Highest Quality

My husband loves soccer. He not only loves to watch it on TV, but every week he and his friends have this habit to gather in one of their friends' house to also play it. He was constantly talking about how much fun he has playing that our two sons started loving the game too. So, this year, when the Father's Day arrived I knew exactly what present to give him. I bought him the best foosball table there was on the market, the Rematch Harvard Foosball Table, and we gave it to him together with the kids. He was like a little kid, could not wait to start playing on it.

I did not know much about the sport, or the fooseball table itself, but I read some foosball table reviews on the internet and found out that Harvard was one of the Escalade Sports daughter companies that was specialized in producing different types of game tables for the lower-end market of players looking for fun games to play at home, and not for professional use. What was much important for me was that the quality of their products is superior. My husband already knew that this brand is known for its durable high-quality game tables, and that this Rematch Harvard Foosball Table is one of the greatest.

He adapted a part of the basement into a game room where he put his new Harvard foosball table. Since the model I bought him has this modern design with black and silver players that look like robots (he adores technology) and is made of steel plated with chrome, this was the design style he applied to the whole game room. It looks so great that even I sometimes join them on their weekend game tournaments together with our sons. His friends also love his new Harvard foosball table because it is stable game table that can withstand their aggressive and competitive play. This was definitely the best present he has ever received, and a great entertainment on our friends and family gatherings.