Great Tabletop Fountains for Holiday Season Gifts

Are you looking for a great gift for a family member or friend this holiday season? The holidays are a time of the year that tends to mix happiness, thankfulness and stress together. By giving a tabletop fountain to a friend or relative, you will be giving the gift of relaxation and stress relief.

Tabletop fountains offer many benefits, they enhance style and the soothing sounds of flowing water or lightly trickling water that can help drown out unwanted noise such as barking dogs, or busy streets. Another bonus, indoor fountains act as humidifiers, so you get the extra moisture in the air that is often needed during the winter months without the ugly look and sounds of an actual humidifier.

We have a variety of new tabletop fountains available just in time for the holiday shopping season. These fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors as well as varying levels of water sounds. Tabletop fountains are perfect additions to home office, living, bedroom and dining spaces. They go great anywhere where you would benefit from their stress-reducing characteristics. Continue reading to learn more about 10 of our favorite tabletop fountains below. Any of these fountains would make a wonderful gift for your loved one.

This tabletop fountain is a beautiful addition to any interior design. It features soft and minimal water acoustics so you get the other benefits of the fountain without high-volume water sounds.

The contemporary design of this fountain will complement most decor styles. It is also very quiet which is great if you are looking for the added style and benefits of a tabletop fountain without pronounced water noises.


This fountain will bring the look and sounds of nature indoors. This rock garden fountain has a natural look and feel to it. The soothing, flowing sounds of water will have you (or your gift recipient) relaxing in no time!

As stylish as it is beautiful this tabletop fountain will add tranquility and calmness to any space. The contemporary design and soothing flowing water sounds are hard to resist.

Beautiful and quiet are the words to describe this water feature. The metal leaf design and durable resin base create a natural look and the water quietly makes its way from the top leaf down through the base where it recirculates.

Waterfalls are some of the most desired destinations of nature lovers. With this tabletop fountain, you can add nature to your indoor space and take advantage of the many benefits indoor fountains have to offer.

The perfect addition to any indoor space, this tabletop fountain will add color and charm. The trickling water sounds paired with the stunning design are inspiring. Water flows from the top jug all the way down into the log base and recirculates.

Another quiet option, this fountain features three tiers and an attractive design that is sure to complement any space. The water quietly makes its way down to the base of the fountain where it recirculates from the top tier.

This delightful tabletop fountain will allow you to bring the outdoors in. This log and stone water feature will add a natural touch to any indoor living space with its detailed brown, ivory and green paint job.

This fountain is designed to look like stunning stacked flat rocks with shades of green, light brown and gray that are sure to look great in any interior space. The lightly streaming water will also help to reduce stress and take the focus off of distracting background noise.