Go Green: 3 Tips for eco-friendly outdoor furniture


Going green or eco-friendly is a huge draw for many people around the world. They want every aspect of their lives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is true for everything from their power bills to their patio furniture. Did you know you can go eco-friendly with your furniture too? It is possible! If you know what to look for you can easily have your whole home green and friendly to your environment. Here are a few tips to remember that will help you go green no matter what you are doing. From your hybrid car to your patio furniture, you can be friendly to your environment and your home.

Go Recycled


When shopping for your outdoor living furniture try to find recycled materials. There are some elegant and beautiful patio sets that are made of completely recycled materials. You can choose pieces that will accent your patio area or your verandah and be friendly to the Earth at the same time. Do your research on these pieces as you can find some great recycled pieces to add to your home.

Sustainable Materials

There are some pieces that use sustainable lumber to build them. This means good news for those who are looking for eco-friendly furniture. You can pick great pieces that will make your patio pop while still being eco-friendly. This type of wood is renewable for the forest it is used from. These are great plots of land that are planted and sustained to keep the wood coming back for years to come. These materials are wonderful to choose when setting up your backyard sanctuary.

Research Toxins

Some chemicals used in furniture is quite toxic for the environment. When you choose your furniture be sure you check into the chemicals used to create the furniture. Try buying from a dealer that handles only eco-friendly products so you know what you are getting. Research is key in knowing what you are buying. Be sure to talk with the dealer you are considering and ask questions.

By asking questions and doing your research you will be sure to get the right furniture to fit your needs. These pieces can be easy to find and look great in any yard. If you go with wood furniture try to use a dealer that uses sustainable lumber. This means the forests are sustained and that the lumber will be there for years to come. Also consider getting pieces that are made of recyclable pieces. They have been created from other products that will help recycle the plastic and keep it out of the landfills. Also research what chemicals are used in sealing the furniture and creating it. These can be toxic to your home around you.

Keeping these three tips in mind will help you find the right pieces for your patio or verandah area. Be diligent in your research so you know what you are getting. It is easier than you might think to go eco-friendly and green with all your future furniture purchases.

Jen Ryan has been writing a variety of pieces for over four years. She can be found hanging on the beach or enjoying the mountains with her family. Going green is something they all strive to do.

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