Glamp in Your Own Backyard: Tips for Setting up an Outdoor Glampsite

What is Glamping?

Glamping, a portmanteau for “glamourous camping,” is the term used for pairing the traditional camping adventure with the luxurious comforts one would find in a high-end hotel or at home. Glamping setups typically feature a large canvas bungalow tent – however, one may also find glamping accommodations in the forms of teepees, huts, pods, domes, and even yurts (large circular tents that feature felt or skin sides on collapsible framework). When glamping, whatever the shelter type, the space is typically fully furnished: think soft area rugs, beds (full, queen or king) with high-quality sheets and bedding, side tables, and many other extravagances that make the glampsite unique and comfortable – essentially, what happens when interior designers have their way with camping.

How to Go Glamping in Your Backyard

The Tent

You don’t have to use an expensive canvas tent to set up a glampsite - any tent that will fit a raised air mattress will do. Once the tent is set up, you can make it more comfortable by placing an indoor/outdoor area rug on the floor, to be soft and warm under your feet (and you can leave the shoes outside when you enter the tent).

The Bed

A good-quality raised air mattress is perfect for glamping; it’s both soft and portable, and definitely beats sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Don’t forget to use actual bedding to make your bed feel more luxurious. Layering on soft, good-quality sheets, comforters and throws, and soft pillows will make your glamping bed feel more exquisite and comfortable.

The Tent Accessories

Decorative storage boxes are ideal for hauling your bedding and other tent items to and from your yard or glamping space. Plus, you can use the boxes as handy side tables after you empty them out. Other accessories for inside the tent could include solar lights and lanterns (because flashlights are definitely not glamorous).

The Fire Pit & Fireside Accessories

When it comes to the space outside of your tent, the sky’s the limit! However, the most essential piece to any outdoor glamping or camping adventure is the  fire pit. Fire pits are the focal point: They are used for cooking, socializing, and relaxing. Our portable folding fire pit shown above is a great choice because it's lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and travel with! 

Be sure to accessorize your fire pit with everything you need for cooking outdoors, like  grills and/or cooking grates for preparing food, wood grates to improve air circulation in your brazier or fire pit, and marshmallow skewers and drink holders because drinks and snacks are always imperative. A table nearby for prepping food is also very helpful.

Comfy Outdoor Seating

For an ultimate glamping oasis, a hammock/napping zone, with either  hammocks or hammock swings for reading and resting is highly encouraged! Also, a seating area around the fire pit for socializing is very important! For the dining area, glam up your picnic or outdoor dining table with real dishes and a nice table cloth to make it seem a little more “glamorous.”

If you really want to feel right at home while on your glamping adventure, a full patio furniture set might be the best outdoor seating arrangement for you!


For glamping in the backyard, you can go simple with the food, or opt to be creative and get fancy. I recommend having everything prepped before your glamping adventure, so that you can enjoy the luxury of glamping rather than preparing meals. Some easy-to-make glamping foods include: hotdogs, brats, grilled pizza, burgers, chicken wings, and salad, among other choices. And of course, do not forget the s’mores! Our cast iron cookware is a quick and easy way to heat up your favorite foods over the campfire!

When all is said and done, you will have created a comfortable oasis for your family, and friends … though remember to enjoy some peaceful, luxurious alone time in the comfort of your backyard glampsite, enjoying all of the great joys Mother Nature has to offer.