Gift Giving for Year-Round Relaxation

While the holidays may put gift giving on everyone's mind, great gifts for relaxation and stress can, and should, be given and shared with others year-round. With many people leading busy lives or spending time in noisy or uninviting spaces, stress is an almost constant part of daily life.

Below are some tips and ideas for choosing gifts that will definitely help the person who gets the gift reduce the effects of stress on their life and feel more relaxed at home or at work.

Water Fountains

Water fountains have many benefits, including producing white noise, being a natural humidifier, adding a decorative or unique design element, and having an overall calming effect on their environment. The same sense of piece you feel when you see a fountain in a public garden can easily be achieved at home, at work, or in any other public space. For easy gift giving, a tabletop fountain is a great choice. It can be placed almost anywhere! The relaxation benefits provided by the fountain can be enjoyed at home or in a busy office, placed on a desk or in a break room. Put a fountain in a bedroom to block out sounds from outside and provide a peaceful white noise that will help anyone fall asleep.

Larger water fountains can make great gifts for public spaces, especially hospitals, waiting rooms, and lobbies. There are places people, including employees, may feel especially stressed. Gifting a water fountain to these areas can really help people calm down during stressful moments. With the soothing sounds of the water and the natural humidification (air that is too dry can put people on edge), water fountains are a perfect addition.


Scents are powerful triggers of emotion and memories. Many have been identified to have beneficial properties that encourage relaxation, peacefulness, and even provide a needed boost of energy. Scents can also aid in helping to reduce symptoms of colds or aid in sleeping at night.

A selection of essential oils, along with a diffuser, makes a great gift and an easy way to introduce someone to a new way to help them relax. Reed diffusers are a safe, flame-less alternative to traditional candle diffusers. Oils can easily be mixed and matched and custom blended to let the person create the exact smell that energizes or calms them most.

Incense sticks, when burned, also release great scents. Choose scents for morning, afternoon, evening, or simply relaxing. Holders, made with traditional Japanese or Indian designs, add a great decorative element to any setting.

Other aromatherapy ideas include candles made with essential oils, scented pillows, and lotions or bath soaps. An aromatherapy gift will be enjoyed by anyone!

Hammocks and Bean Bag Chairs

What better way to inject a bit of fun into a space than with the gift of a comfortable hammock or bean bag chair? Kids and college students especially will love the bean bag furniture. Giant sized bags can fit two, three, or even more people. Some are large enough to replace an entire sofa! To really personalize a bean bag for a gift, get it monogrammed or even in the colors or design of a favorite sports team.

Hammocks are great for everyone and are even better to sleep on than many mattresses. Lying in a hammock will help you relieve the pressure on points that can become painful over time when sleeping on a mattress. Hammock chairs are excellent options as well. Some are supported by frames so they are free-standing and easy to place anywhere inside or out.

Giving gifts that promote relaxation and stress relief are great gifts for anyone. Serenity Health has thousands of relaxation products including water fountains, aromatherapy, incense, bean bag chairs, and more! You can even find something to help your pet relax! Visit Serenity Health & Home Decor today or contact them to learn more about great relaxation products and gift ideas!