Fountain Amid The Flowers–A Poem by Alicia Bowe


A welcoming site at three tiers tall

It graces the garden with beauty and charm,

As water pleasantly rolls from tier-to-tier,

You can see the glistening shine;

It is a fountain beyond the trees.

Exuding tranquility, the fountain rests

Artfully on a paved stone outdoors

In the garden filled with emerald grass

Amid vibrant wild flowers,

Gently dancing in the breeze.

Golden rays glimmer with reflection

As the water trickles down each tier

With each cycle, 2 joyful birds play;

Drinking and splashing in the streams,

Living happily as they please.

As the sun sinks down below the hills,

The fountain lights shimmer

As the emerald green grass turns dark

And the calming water flows,

Bidding good evening with serenity and ease.