Foosball Table Parts and Accessories

If you want to make an educated purchase and buy a quality foosball table that will ensure having many good games, you need to know all the necessary parts and accessories you should also have. Now, there are many different types and brands of foosball tables offered on the market that come with these needed accessories. You can also purchase them additionally, but that's not advised, since you'll surely gain much more if you purchase a higher-end table, from its manufacturer, and together with all the foosball parts you want.

Foosball Men. To be able to catch the foosball and pin it down, for advanced shots like the snake, or the bank shot, you'll need to look for players that have a pointed toe and a cross-hatching design on the foot, which is perfect for better control of the ball.

Foosball Rods. The quality of the rods very much influences the speed of the foosball game. The high quality foosball rods are hollow, light-weight and made of chrome, providing a smooth glide back and forth, between the bearings, for obtaining maximum ball control and shot performance.

Foosball Bearings. Although their importance for the quality of the game is often overlooked, the foosball bearings significantly contribute to having a much smoother gliding of the rods, when going through the holes in the table where they are placed.

Foosball Balls. The quality balls can easily be gripped or pinned down against the table with the foosball men, and can be made of cork, textured, smooth, or like the traditional soccer balls.

Foosball Bumpers. The bumpers are placed between the wall of the foosball table and the player to provide proper spacing for the movement of the foosball men on the table. The ones made of rubber are most recommended.

Foosball Legs. Since the stability of the table is very important for the quality of the game, look for good quality tables with minimum 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches large legs, or for those with adjustable leg levelers to easily level the foosball table whenever needed.

Foosball Handles. Avoid handles with a stain, polyurethane, or finished veneer, because this will cause your hands to slip off them instead of providing the grip you need to play the game. The wooden handles provide better control than the plastic ones.

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