Foosball Champion Profile: Amy Powers

First of all, what a great name for a champion in any sport. Amy Powers is a foosball champion, and she loves it. She plays against both men and woman, and usually beats them both. She started playing competitively in 1998 and has not stopped. She recently sat down with a reporter to talk about foosball, competitions and training. Here are some interesting facts about Amy Powers.

She Trains   –Foosball is a sport and as such requires training. Amy swims laps in the pool to build endurance, lifts bags of potatoes to strengthen her arms, and then caps it off with 200-300 practice shots on the table.

She Sweats   –Amy states that many women do not compete in foosball because of the long hours and intense competition. “We'’ll play from 9 in the morning to maybe 3 in the morning.

She's a Power Player   She shoots hard, which probably comes from her diminutive stature. She is usually shorter than her opponent and stands on her tip-toes to get enough leverage to fire a shot into the goal.

If you practice hard and have got the guts, you can face her personally at the World Championships next year. Start practicing!