Fire Pits on Your Wood Deck? Absolutely!

Fire pits are an awesome source for efficient outdoor heat while being a center of entertainment for your outdoor area. However, many people think they are limited to placing their fire pit on their lawn or on a concrete area such as a patio. Not anymore! You can now place your fire pit right on your wood deck without fear with the DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad! This product is the only one on the market that is truly fire proof and was made specifically to use wood burning fire pits, which have the hottest potential, on your deck no matter the construction.

There are other products out there that claim to be made for wood decks but as you can see in this photo of a product sold at a well known home improvement store, may not be the safest choice:

The DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad is a unique product layered with carbon filler. It is fire proof from radiant heat that a chiminea or fire pit produces. The heat that radiates from a fire pit is on average 1,000 to 1,200 degrees. DeckProtect has been tested at these temperatures and will withstand 1,400 degrees for an extended period of time without damage. It is proudly manufactured in the United States woven with volcanic rock fibers:

DeckProtect Pad

You can also buy this pad as a pad and rack combo. The rack serves to stabilize the pad while elevating it slightly to better process the heat and prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath the pad. The rack is made from durable metal which was tempered to withstand the elements.

Buy yours today and start enjoying the outdoors to the fullest.