Famous Waterfalls & Water Fountains – And How To Recreate Them At Home

There are many infamous fountains and waterfalls throughout the world that have rendered many breathless and awe-struck, thanks to their beauty – some even inspire people to travel to exotic locations for a chance to see them. Whether you enjoy road-tripping across the United States or flying to Europe, for times when you can’t jet off to a dream location, you can instead easily recreate the ambiance of these works of art in your own space. We’ve highlighted a few famous water features here, and honed in on a couple of the design elements visible in them, so you can imagine you are there, even if you aren’t. 

2-Tier Lion Fountain

Featuring little lion head spouts and a smooth tiered design, the Piazza Fountain in Trastevere, Rome has an elegant style that is readily captured in the Sunnydaze 2-Tier Lion Fountain.

Amalfi Outdoor Water Fountain by Campamia

The Bethesda Fountain located in Central Park, New York City, features a tiered design topped with an angel that allows water to gracefully rain down into the lower tiers. The Campamia Amalfi Outdoor Fountain features a similar tiered design, and a charming cherub angel top.

5-Tier Woodland Fountain w/LED Lights

Though not a water fountain but still breathtakingly beautiful, the waterfall pictured from the Black Forest in Germany is one of Mother Nature's most stunning works. You can recreate this in your yard with the Sunnydaze 5-Tier Woodland Water Fountain, which specifically was designed to resemble a waterfall you'd find in nature. It features expertly detailed painting, complete with "moss" accents.

Boy and Girl Playing in Water Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Light

The Children's Fountain in Burlington, MO captures the playful energy of children, much like the curiosity and spirited nature captured in the Sunnydaze Boy & Girl Playing in Water outdoor fountain.

Rustic Cave Water Fountain w/LED Lights

Another beautiful waterfall is the Rock Waterfall located in North Yorkshire, England; the Sunnydaze Rustic Cave Water Fountain mimics its form via natural “fallen tree branch” detailing; both the rock styling and the water flow are much like the real one.

Smart Solar Athena Solar-on-Demand Birdbath

An additional Italian masterpiece worth noting, this classic fountain in Rome, Italy, features beautiful sleek lines and a traditional shape. The Smart Solar Athena Solar-on-Demand Birdbath has a more contemporary, feel but boasts the same sleek lines and classic design.

Contemporary Solar-on-Demand Black Ball Fountain

While Sommerset Mall in Tory, MI, may not be the most extravagant travel destination, the Floating Granite Ball Fountain is definitely worth noting. Featuring a modern design topped with a sphere, this fountain adds extra beauty and interest to a commercial space. The Sunnydaze Solar-on-Demand Contemporary Black Ball Fountain can add the same modern touch to your business, or your garden or yard, with it's sphere-topped helical pedestal shape.