Fall Fire Pit Season is Here: 8 Must-Have Fireside Accessories and Tools

With the fall season well on its way, it seems that some of us are mentally prepping ourselves to mourn the loss of summer, and some of us are anxiously anticipating the start of sweater weather and brisk hot apple cider afternoons. No matter which category you fall into, we think we can all agree that cool fall nights are the best nights for backyard bonfires and cozy campfires! We're officially entering what we like to call fire pit season, everyone! It's one of our personal favorite times of year. Make sure you're all geared up and ready for this exciting time with all the necessary fire pit tools and accessories needed to make for a perfect fireside experience, every time. 

1. A log rack/wood carrier. 

Log racks and wood carriers are the perfect solution for storing your firewood safely and securely off the ground. Our racks and carriers are durable and stylish - the perfect combination! Our Curved Black Steel Outdoor Firewood Log Rack shown above is just one of many unique racks to choose from in our large collection. 

2. Drink holders.

Drink holders are a must when enjoying a night by the fire! The patriotic-themed drink holders shown above allow you to keep your favorite beverage nearby while you enjoy a crackling fire with friends and family. Each drink holder is spacious enough and secure enough to hold a can or bottle! 

3. Marshmallow roasting skewers.

A fire with friends just simply isn't complete without s'mores! What would we do without toasted, gooey marshmallows paired together with melted chocolate and golden brown graham crackers? Thanks to these colorful marshmallow skewers, we don't have to wonder what it'd be like without this favorite fireside treat. 

4. Fire pit cooking grate.

A grate is essential when camping because it makes it easier than ever to enjoy yourfavorite foods roasted over open flames. The chrome-plated design of this fire pit grate shown above adds durability, so you can continue to use this for grilling for years and years to come.

5. Fire pit ring.

Looking for a way to enjoy a fire when you're on the go? Fire pit rings such as the Cosmic Stars and Moon Camping Fire Ring shown above are your portable, lightweight solution to your traveling and camping needs! Enjoy your crackling fire in the middle of the woods or in your own backyard with one of our unique, stylish fire pit rings. 

6. Fire pit poker.

This one is no surprise, as it is a much needed tool to help move logs within your fire at a safe distance so you do not have to worry about getting burned by embers or sparks! With a simple yet durable design, our pokers such as the Steel Fire Poker shown above, is a useful tool to own for your outdoor and indoor fireside needs.

7. Fire pit screen.

Create a safe barrier between you and those open flames with a fire pit screen! If you already have a contemporary square fire pit, this is the perfect choice for you. This square screen comes in multiple sizes to accommodate your unique setup. It's incredibly durable, and the handle on top makes it easy to move. Shop our collection of screens now!

8. Outdoor torches.

Imagine a crisp September evening huddled around the faint light of the warm fire. The stars are glowing up above you, and the fire is dying down. All that's left is the tranquil, relaxing, subtle glimmer of light coming from the decorative outdoor torches, that guide your way back up to the house. Our collection of outdoor torches are unique and stylish, just like this Steel Outdoor Torch with Tulip Design shown above!

These accessories and tools are just a few of our fireside favorites that are available now! If you're also looking for a new fire pit this season, check out all of our wood-burning fire pits and outdoor gas fire pits! Need a cozy place to sit while enjoying the fire? Shop our lounge chairs! We're your one stop shop for everything you need to make this fire pit season perfect.