Express Yourself with the Natural Beauty of Water Fountains

You’ve probably seen an amazing water fountain in a public space somewhere; a fountain so great you wish you could have taken it home with you. It might have been a beautiful work of art, a poignant memorial, or just a small bit of peace and quiet in a busy world. I’ll tell you how you can create equally stunning or special fountains at home (and that will stay within your budget!).

There are so many different styles of fountains available that you can easily find a fountain that suits your home and makes a beautiful focal point. Whether you prefer traditional, ancient, modern or contemporary designs, they are out there. Even if you don't have a lot of outdoor space,  indoor tabletop water fountains and wall-mounted water fountains are just as amazing as outdoor fountains.

Old World Roman Outdoor Water Fountain

Classical Fountains & Ancient Designs

Traditional designs are found in a variety of contemporary fountains. Classical and Greek styles remain popular, due to their ability to add a touch of elegance to any surrounding. Greek urns and jars have a very earthen appeal to them as well, and are one of the most widely used styles. They’re great whether they’re placed indoors or out.Classical fountains have a timeless elegance; the same goes for many other designs that have their roots based in ancient cultures. Many of the original fountains are preserved in museums today, but some are even still in use today. Some ancient Roman fountains are still running water and exceptionally well cared for in Italy. It shows how central to Roman and later Italian culture water fountains were.

tiered fountain is another classic element that is often used today, both in public and private spaces. You can get tiers in almost any number, but usually two, three, or four are used to help keep the fountain from looking cluttered.

If you’re looking for a great design tip, try mixing design periods in your decor. A contemporary style can be spiced up with a classical fountain. The juxtaposition adds some interest and depth to your design. Be sure to choose materials and colors that are complementary to each other, so the fountain doesn’t look out of place.

Lighted Fountains

Lighted Springs Outdoor Water Fountain

Lighted water fountains are incredibly beautiful, and often times the lights surrounding them or in the water help to highlight the design. At night, lights can give a fountain an extra bit of magic that it may be missing during the day.

Soothing lights from a fountain in your home or garden can help you de-stress at the end of the day. Add a lighted fountain to a den or other quiet area. They’re ideal for establishing mood and adding some quiet ambiance to an area.

In your garden, a  fountain’s lights can also serve the same purpose. They can be a subtle effect to complement lights you may already have. Or they can be a dramatic statement that highlights the fountain as a centerpiece in your outdoor space.

For unique effects, consider adding colored lights. You can achieve many different looks for your fountain with colored lighting. Solar powered lights are another great way to illuminate your water fountain. During they day the solar cells soak up enough energy to keep your ponds and fountains glowing beautifully though the night!

Lights are easy and inexpensive to add to water fountains you already have. Try them out and see what works for you!

Natural Beauty

Rustic Cave Outdoor Water Fountain

Not all fountains have to be made from high-tech materials or have a cutting edge design. Some of the greatest fountains take their cues from nature and incorporate that into their design. Many of these fountains blend seamlessly with the surrounding lands, creating a whole environment that is peaceful. Natural water falls may even inspire you to create something beautiful in your home or garden.

Achieving the natural look of stone and rock water fountains and water falls is easy. If you already have a fountain, consider adding some plants or river rocks to the surrounding area, or put some rocks in the basin. Outside, help your fountain become truly part of its environment by integrating it into its surroundings with great lighting and plants.

If you’re looking for a brand new fountain that will have a very natural look, choose natural materials like stone and slate or our faux stone with these rockwaterfall fountains. If you’re shopping for a fountain made of fiberglass, look for one that’s been molded into natural forms so they look like river rocks like those at the link above. Waterfalls and ponds can also be great ways of achieving natural beauty in a fountain. Nothing beats the beautiful sounds of rushing water and the sight of a peaceful pond.

Express Yourself!

Most fountains in public places are unique works of art, commissioned for some reason in particular. Many fountains are also expressions of power, ability, or artistry. They make bold statements and can be strongly identified with particular places or people. Towns in Europe often have a fountain in a central square that identifies the town’s coat of arms or is the symbol of the town. Other fountains are meant to show off great works of art or feats of engineering (think of those enormous shooting water spouts you see in some ponds and lakes). Some fountains also entertain, like a Japanese-built one that can create letters and shapes with its water jets, or water displays with fountains timed and lighted to music.

Your water fountain should be an expression of yourself. You’ll get the most benefit out of having a fountain if you own one that you enjoy and that fits your style. Water fountains come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. You’re bound to find one that fits you!

If you don’t, however, it’s easy to work with a water fountain supplier or designer to create a  custom fountain. Again, as with choosing any fountain, you should design one that is truly a reflection of yourself. If you’re designing one for a public or corporate space (where they make excellent additions), consider elements that will be particularly soothing for the space the fountain will go in so that it helps keep the energy of the room positive and peaceful.

Whether you’re choosing a custom fountain or just buying one off the shelf, here are some tips everyone should keep in mind when getting a water fountain:

  • Choose colors that are your favorite, have special meaning to you, or are particularly soothing.
  • Choose a fountain that is the right size for your space and decide if it'll be a floor or wall fountain, or a waterfall.
  • Design the fountain to complement your decor so it's a natural part of your environment.
  • Use your fountain to enhance your corporate or public space, or create an oasis at home with a home spa, private garden, or private retreat.

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